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Dragon Pong

title:Dragon Pong
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Talon (previously DragonApps)
release:June 2013
last edit by:Dark


Dragon Pong has been described as it's creator as showdown see index in an online form, and broadly speaking that is what it is. Use arrow keys, the mouse or a joystick to line up the sound of the oncoming ball as your opponent serves it at you, then hit it back with up arrow, mouselcikc or a joystick button. Fail to hit the ball and your opponent gets a poi, first to 11 or 21 points is the winner.

Despite it's deceptively simple gameplay however, Dragon Pong has a number of very nice additions. Firstly, it is playable online only, making it the first game of it's type in audio to do so. Secondly, the game does have a few surprises to keep things interesting, such as the ability to get shields to protect your goal temporarily, or pick up the dreaded invisiball which will mean the first warning of the ball's position your opponent gets is the sound of it bouncing off walls. By far the most noticeable addition however is the extremely large amount of high quality sounds and music. Pick one of various crazy characters at the start of a match to have fun with, and should the ball go into the goal, don't just expect a rather dull point scoring noise since you could be treated to explosions, vandelism, or the sound of smackdown being layed. As well as the online feature, this give Dragon Pong a highly unique atmosphere and setting.

the game is entirely free to play, however a donation button can be found on the developers' website should people want to show their appreciation for the great work Dragonaps have done financially, (particularly considdering that some of their games require online server maintainance). whether you donate or not however is entirely optional and is certainly not required.

Additional resources.

For a very entertaining tutorial on how to play you can check out this audio tutorial on Youtube

In order to establish connections between two players, Dragon Pong uses port forwarding. A tutorial on this can be found here in this youtube video to give a bit more information if your having trouble.

To find out more about Dragonaps, you can visit The dragonaps page on the Audiogames Archive site

Happy pingponging!


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