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genre:Arcade Games
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Duckblaster is a fast-paced, exciting game of hand-ear coordination in which you have to shoot as many ducks as you can in five minutes. Basically, it's all about centering the sound of the duck in your speakers using the left and right cursor-keys. To shoot you press the space bar.

You start off with one duck, then two, and so on, until you reach the maximum number of six ducks on the screen at one time. See if you can center one and shoot it while trying to pick out the center duck out of all the others.

It is has to be said that we had quite a laugh when we first heard the duck-sounds. Really makes you want to pull the trigger (SMILE). Other than that, this game is just that, a nice freebie.

Though Philip Bennefall's company Pb games are no longer going, ---- now they are Blastbay studios, Duck blaster is stil being kindly hosted by the Audiogames archive site. .


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