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genre:Simulation games
release:October 2016
features:text, sound
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If you want to explore the world, Eurofly is absolutely the game for you. The first release from Slovakian developer Štefan kiss and his new company Kissoft, the game is a truly staggering one, not only a fullfully functional flight simulation in which you can take on the nail bighting job of a commercial airline pilot, but also a fully comprehensive world map and atlas in which you can walk, explore or just see what's around various gps coordinates.

The flight simulation part of the game will challenge all of your judgement and navigation, and has been designed to be as immersive as possible. Choose from over 30 different planes, of small, medium or large categories with different on board equipment such as an auto pilot, interact with airport conning towers for clearence to fly setting your radio frequency and other aironaughtic systems, then strap in (literally), and take off for your trips around the world. Go through over 90 different missions as you become a more experienced ppilot in the eurofly company, or go into free flying mode where you can land and takeoff at different destinations, picking up passengers along the way.

The level of detail in the game is truly staggering, both in terms of atmospheric sounds and audio and different airport sounds from around the world, to even going as far as being able to order drinks from the steward or stewardess during flight (provided weather doesn't get to rough). More sounds, different airport controllers and messages in other languages are also beeing added on a frequent basis and can be freely downloaded from the Kissoft website.

While the flight simulation part of the game is certainly more than enough to keep you busy for a long time, that's not all there is to Eurofly, since the work on the atlas and navigation system is quite astounding. Extensive gps information and maps have been used, all of which can be fully explored just through use of the mouse or arrow keys (a perfect way to learn geography for anyone bewildered by maps). Walk, transport around and change the mode of view to whatever you want, getting sounds and indications along the way to get an idea where you are in the world, even enter the name of your home city and see what's around you.

You can currently play the game in English, Slovak, Czech, or Spanish, with other translations in the works. The game will utput most information to microsoft Sapi, though can also output to Jaws, Window eyes or Nvda, and with continual updates with more sounds, more map detail and more missions, Eurofly is also a game that's ever expanding. Eurofly is also completely and utterly free to download as well, though if you enjoy the game and want to help it expand even more, you can donate to the project with Paypal, bank transfer or other methods, find out more On this link

Additional resources

You can read the game's documentation in the Eurofly help center found here which contains information on the keystrokes and an important quick start guide. Also,there are several audio tutorials available to give you an idea of the game such as This one by Omar Alvardo, and This tutorial on flight paths by Andreas A Lundin

While the program will download and update itself, you can manually download a host of bug fixes, additional language packs, extra voices for the towers and other goodies in The Eurofly download center

In addition, Orin, aka Captain John Tyson has written The Eurofly for dumbies guide which should help new pilots avoid crashing too often.

And then Starfire has contributed The simplified guide to eurofly, which begins at first principles, and takes you from the main menu, to mapping to flying your first aircraft.

Chocks away, and happy flying.


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