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Evil Satellites

title:Evil Satellites
download page:No link!
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:Talon (previously DragonApps)
release:April 2021
last edit by:pitermach


Released as an entry for No Video Jam II by Talon of Road to Rage fame Evil Satellites is a binaural, audio-only shooter that literally takes advantage of all 3 dimensions.

When a paperclip producing AI decides to convert your home planet’s satellite fleet for its own uses, you are tasked with cleaning up the mess. To do so you are put in control of a small but agile ship, which you can control either from your keyboard or a gamepad. What sets this game apart from other space shooters is that, as mentioned above, you have full 3D control of your ship. In addition to moving forward and back, rolling to the sides and turning, you also have the ability to point your ship’s nose up and down. While this sounds rather complicated at first, it’s made incredibly simple by the ship’s radar system which will allow you to easily orient yourself toward the enemy satellite in all dimensions, as well as to check how far you are from them. When you get close enough, it’ll be time to unleash your weapon on the enemy by either pressing the spacebar or pulling your gamepad’s right trigger. The weapon will first spin up, and if you continue to hold the fire key start unleashing laser blasts of your own. Once the satellite explodes, it’ll scatter into a few small debris pieces. Being that we’re all trying to be environmentally friendly, your ship is equipped with a magnetic vacuum, activated with V or the left trigger, which will suck up the debris that your ship will convert into ammo for you to use, completing the circle of life.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds, because much like you, the satellites also have weapons they won’t hesitate to unleash on you. This is when the freedom of movement you have really comes in handy, because you can move out of the way by either moving to the side or diving or climbing past the enemy lasers. The game takes full advantage of binaural sound, so you will be able to hear the projectiles flying above or below you. The atmosphere of the game is completed by an atmospheric soundtrack, full force feedback support if playing with a gamepad as well as a snarky AI assistant who’s not afraid to voice their opinion of your skills or a lack there of, voiced by Raven Oska of Code 7 fame.

If you’re looking for a unique way to blow some stuff up, this game is highly recommended!


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