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genre:Incremental games
developer:Peter Motschmann
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
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If you've ever wanted to guide a primitive race of creatures from stone tools to space travel, evolve might be the game for you. Start in the prehistoric era, making decisions about the distribution of RNA and the development of Organelles and cell membranes to eventually produce a sentient species, then jump forward to a primitive village as you research stone tools, build huts for your people and find the best way of avoiding starvation. Move forward through developing medeival economy, including trading, warring and hunting, through mining and smelting metal, using resources like cement and firs to build structures ranging from storage sheds and army barracks to banks, theatres and universities, then progress to factories, goods yards, steam power and eventually advanced technology.

As in most incremental games, you'll find resources such as food and stone increasing over time, and may occasionally have to wait, however you'll also find yourself needing to alter your goals and strategy throughout the game as different priorities arise, sometimes needing to focus on research, sometimes needing to increase your population, sometimes; perhaps in bad weather needing to hunker down and send everyone out to the fields to prevent starvation.

One particularly unique thing about Evolve, are the different races, since while as we all know on earth, sentience developed among some large, uggly unpleasant primates, that might not be the case else where. Try overseeing the development of the sun loving ents, the hahrd working dwarves, or even races as diverse as demons or felines, each with their respective traits, quirks and character.

As with Trimps ,/a> the developer has put a lot of extremely good work into accessibility. This includes adding handy headings on the page, (heading 2 for different sections, heading 3 for different resources), as well as links containing descriptive text usually only accessible in inconvenient mouseovers. This access work continues, with different smaller bits of the game being worked on, as well as the main game itself.

With a lot to discover and try out, many different buildings, systems and resources on display, and the chance to replay the game as various different races, not since Darwin's holliday on the Beagle has Evolution been quite this much fun!

Additional resources

The game has Its own subredit found here for in game discussion, and This short wiki though beware of race and other game spoilers.

Happy evolving.


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