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Fantasy Story II

title:Fantasy Story II
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Toya Shiwasu
platform:bWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
release:2018, ongoing
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Fantasy Story 2 is a fully accessible action RPG, with some MMO elements thrown in. The game was first released in 2018 in the mainstream as a commercial title, but later became freeware. After being approached by a few people, the developer added a massive number of accessibility features, making the game completely playable by both blind and sighted alike, in English and Japanese, with more languages coming soon.

Assuming you start the game with a screen reader running, the game should come up with all accessibility features turned on. In the options menu, you can configure the volume for music and sounds, adjust the voice settings, and if playing on Windows, switch to using NVDA for speech instead of SAPI.

Up on first starting the game, you will first be asked to select whether you want to play on the official server, connect to someone else’s server or play offline. Uniquely for this genre, even though the game has all the multiplayer features you expect such as chatting or being able to aid each other in battle, your character’s progress is stored locally, and any loot obtained from killing a monster spawns for everyone separately. This means that you can work on improving your character offline, and then take them into battle stronger to help your friends. After selecting where to play you can select the character you want to play or create a new one. Character creation boils down to typing in a name and gender, and then tweaking the appearance such as skin and eye color.

The game is played from an angled top-down perspective, where you can move in any compass direction, while your attacks always swing either left to right or vice versa. The world is divided into smaller maps, which are further divided into smaller squares plotted using a letter+Number system like in battleship. Your character, much like in Shadow Line, can freely walk between these squares with the screen scrolling to follow you. Inside towns, each square will contain places of interest in its 4 corners, such as shops, NPC’s or signs which will give you useful information, or places allowing you to craft items. Leave a town, and each square will contain enemies for you to slay for gold and loot or entrances to caves and dungeons. At any time, you can bring up a map which will tell you exactly what the surrounding squares on the map you’re on contain, allowing you to choose your battles or pick your next destination. While you can manually walk your character with the arrow keys or a gamepad, there is also a lock-on system implemented allowing you to easily move to adjacent squares, or walk towards any NPC’s, enemies or loot on the current square meaning you should never get lost.

Shaping your character happens naturally, with everything you do affecting certain statistics. For example, attacking using a sword will cause your sword, physical attack and stamina skills to go up, while casting a spell from a book would instead improve your mana, magic attack and intelligence. Crafting an item, cooking some food or brewing a potion would improve your crafting, cooking or alchemy skills respectively which gives you access to better recipes. . Getting hit by an enemy trains your health as well as either magic or physical defense, and so on. You can influence your character’s growth by configuring whether certain attributes should increase, stay at their current value or decrease. This is important to do, as any attribute can go up to a maximum of 100 points while there is a total of 700 points to distribute over all. Thankfully it’s also easy to reform your build if you’d like to try a different play style. Your stamina and mana gages don’t refill automatically, so you will need to either buy or craft some stamina and mana potions to get them back. Additionally, there is also a food gage which slowly decreases over time. If it reaches zero, your character’s stats will stop changing until you eat something to refill it. Thankfully, dying won’t make you lose any progress, other than sending you back to the town you last slept in. You then need to go sleep at the in to recover your stamina before venturing out again.

Apart from shops, banks and crafting areas, each town also contains a pub which allows you to recruit some AI partners, with each town containing a few different people with differing play styles. In addition, you can also bring one of your other characters with you, allowing you to have the ideal partner to play with if you can’t play with a friend on-line. While playing, you can access a “tactics” menu allowing you to command your partner. If playing on-line, these messages are automatically translated into whatever language other people are playing in making this feature also useful while playing with other humans.

The above link will download the 64 bit windows version the 32 bit windows version can be found here, the Mac version here, the Linux version here, and The android version here

Additional Resources

While the game itself doesn’t offer much in the way of tutorials, other than a small handful of general tips given by NPC’s, the developer has written an excellent manual which goes over every aspect and system of the game in detail, while also providing useful starting out tips for first-time players. If you are interested in trying out the game, I would strongly suggest following along with the manual open in another tab after creating your first character. You can also access the manual by typing in /manual into the chat box which can be opened by pressing enter. The game’s homepage, linked to above in the URL section, is another place worth keeping an eye on for news, as the game receives regular updates with new content and features.


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