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genre:Arcade Games
developer:Hansjoerg Mikesch
platform:Ios, Android
release:September 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


The end has come. The flesh eating zombie hoards have been released to ravage humanity, cities have fallen and civilisation has collapsed. For the few remaining survivors, the only way of living is to run from the zombie hoards through the dark deserted landscape. Fortunately, there is quite literally a glimmer of hope. Faeries, previously thought to be mythical creatures provide a light in the darkness to survivors, and perhaps some magic powers to survive the ravening hoards..

This is the scenario in Feer, the game of running blind. Like the best arcade titles, Feer is an easy game to pick up and play, but less easy to play well. Listen to the approaching zombies as you run through the stereo field, swiping left or right to change between the left, right or centre lanes. Use swipes up or down to jump zombie hands reaching from the earth below you or ravens swooping down from the skies above, and listen out for tunes given out by the faeries which you can pick up.

As well as the faeries, you'll also run into several power ups along the way, an invincibility boost, a shield to let you take a hit and keep going, a weapon to let you strike back at the zombies (if your quick enough), or a light doubler to help your collecting. All of these power ups are only temporary though, and in the end it'll just come down to quick reactions and a gruelling test of your survival skills.

One of the most unique things about Feer, is that though it is a classic short play arcade game, the amount of things to do and unlock are quite surprising.

The game contains an incredibly huge number of missions, each of which give you a score multiplier when finished. To complete a mission you have to complete three quests, three little tasks you must undertake in addition to zombie survival. You might have to jump a set number of times, slide a certain number of times in one lane, pick up a certain number of power ups or lights, avoid a specific number of zombies or even die to a specific hazard several times.

In addition to always presenting you with new tasks to complete, you also need to go on collecting those lights, as well as adding some graphical assistance for those playing by sight as well as sound, the lights can be stored up to by boosts which extend the time on your power ups. Since some of these boosts take thousands of lights to unlock, you'll need to work to get them

Of course, no arcade game would be complete without a little competition, and Feer has plenty. Both a global ranking and score board, and local stat tracking so you can always try to beat your own high scores.

A lot of work has gone into the game's accessibility. All the menus are highly compatible with voice over, and even important game announcements such as completed missions or quests are made directly. In addition, the game is a great way of introducing sighted players to the concept of audiogames, since while Feer has some wonderfully gloomy graphics, how much a person sees depends entirely upon when they last collected some lights, meaning that sighted players will get to experience all the joys of running blind and dodging salivating zombies by sound alone, even as the fog creeps in negating any advantage which visuals might give.

The game can currently be played in English, Dutch, Spanish French and Italian, and costs just four dollars (or two English Pounds 69) on the google play store or Ios ap store, just remember to leave the game a rating if you enjoy it.

As a way of extending its gameplay even further, Feer has also recently introduced the idea of themes. The first of these is available for two dollars as an in ap upgrade. Take a break from the zombie haunted forest by entering a dangerous automated factory. Dodge the robots coming at you, jump over circular saw blades and slide beneath swinging cranes, also, watch out for bridges between different areas of the factory. Collecting of faeries and completing of missions and quests is still just the same however, indeed you can alternate themes in the options screen if you wish.

Additional resources

To check out several recordings of gameplay, you can Go here to visit Feer's youtube channel

David Woodbridge also provides This demo of Feer on his podcast

As is usual for Ios titles, more about Feer can be found on This page on the Applevis site

With an awesome atmosphere, always something new to unlock, and truly addictive gameplay, Feer is highly recommended, especially for fans of arcade horror games.


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