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download page:link
developer:Sightless wolf
release:March, 2022
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Fight, the first project by long established forumite and now game developer Sightless wolf, is the perfect solution to get all of your destructive needs met in one place, whether it's for huge multiple melees between teams of warriors? Engaging in adrenaline pumping one on one matchups, or having a good snigger as you set two people you dislike to lambast each other with machine guns and fireballs.

Fight is nothing less than a quite extensive combat simulation program for creating and running turn based battles. To begin, create and modify your fighter. All fighters begin with 50 health, 100 speed, (determining their turn order), 0 defense, and 0 attack, though you can create fighters with different stats if you wish. Then, assign your fighter some moves from the rather extensive list available, a list which ranges from flying kicks and punches to chronospheres and dark magic. Some moves will modify the stats of your fighter or the opponent, some will directly do damage.

After you've created a fighter or two, decide whether to have them fight each other, or team up together, or to take on one of the game's preset arena challenges, though bare in mind, modifying your fighter's tats will disqualify them from fighting in the arena. After this, start the fight, and either watch the action, or indeed select the fighter's moves yourself, .

Though at this point in time, the main focus of the game is simulating battles and creating new fighters, beating arena opponents will award the player with fight tokens which may be used to purchase additional movesets and even custom fighters in the upgrade store.

With a huge range of moves, output to NVDA, Sapi or Jaws, great music, and more features, including a mission mode, to come in the future, fight is definitely the answer to get all your combat impulses met in one place, it's also free! .

Happy punching.


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