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Fighting fantasy project

title:Fighting fantasy project
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developer:fighting fantasy project
platform:Online, web brouser
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The Fighting fantasy series was a long runing series of interactive game books produced throughout the 1980's and 90's. By having the player turn to different pages in order to make decisions on how the story progressed, and using a very basic stats and dice system similar to a role playing game, the books were able to create complex and highly atmospheric interactive stories, with puzles, item or ability use, and random combat playing a major part. .

The fighting fantasy project is an attempt to recreate the theme, mechanics and style of the old Fighting fantasy gamebooks online, using standard browser pages with links instead of pages of text in a physical book. The website will also handle everything from dice rolling to keeping track of items.

Though the original Fighting fantasy series can't themselves be reproduced online, the website still has a range of books in several different genres by a variety of different authors, with new entries being produced intermitantly. Venture into a haunted house, become a pilot in a steampunk world of aeroplanes, journey to first century Rome to play politics in a world ablaze with a new religion, be a futuristic assassin, or of course take on the traditional role of a warrior on an epic quest in a magical world.

Gamebooks on the site range in length and difficulty from short, 50 section hops to massive undertakings of 500 or more sections, and in difficulties that vary from easy to spectacularly difficult. You can find a list of the books and their relative lengths and difficulties on the front of the site. While some books use the standard Fighting fantasy system for stats, with each character having skill, staminer and luck, others (such as Devil's flight), also add other stats to serve different functions in the story.

As well as single books, the site also features a number of books to be played in sequence, from the short run of comedy missadventures in space thatbegins with the story Wrongway Go back, to the epic trilogy The shadow in the north which has you as a warrior and mage entering an ancient empire to save the world's dwindling supply of magic. Additionally, several books have extra achievements and challenges to undertake that will become clear when you have finished them as well, so don't think just because you've found one solution that is the end of the adventure.

Everything is very standard fare for screen readers as regards web browsing, all that is needed to play is the ability to read web pages, click links and a furtile imagination. Even saving is particularly simple sinse all you need to do is add a page to your favourites or bookmarks.

The site unfortunately has no forum, but comments, questions, or plees for assistance can be left in the various individual guestbook comment sections for each of the books, or for the main site.

additional resources.

You can Download this podcast review of the Fighting fantasy project website, originally recorded for the Blind cool tech by some random nutter calling himself Dark, though now hosted on sendspace.

Happy adventuring.


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