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download page:link
genre:Interactive fiction interpreter
developer:Antiquarian productions
release:August 2011, ongoing
last edit by:Dark


filfre is an interpreter for playing interactive fiction, also called Text adventure games. These games use only text and are thus very accessible. Though several interpreters exist, filfre is in many ways useful for a screen reader user for it's clean display of text and the fact that several features such as help verbs can be displayed in other windows. Many people have found it a particularly good interpreter with jaws , and fairly good with window eyes though it will work relatively well with Hal if using the Win frotz map file, hal users might also want to check out Win Frotz or Win glulx and see which alternative they prefer for playing If games.

filfre Specializes in playing If titles written in the Zcode or inform language, (much as Win Frotz does), though will also play If titles written in the more advanced glulx format. glulx games often have extra mechanics or media elements that mean they are more advanced than the usual Zcode games.

You can Find a list of Zcode games here many with reviews and detailed descriptions, and A similar list of glulx games here

Happy puzzling.


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