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Firry paws

title:Firry paws
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platform:Online, web brouser
features:text, visuals
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Firry paws is extremely unique as far as online games go, sinse it's objective and purpose is to feed, train, care for and breed dogs. with gameplay that has elements of sports management, roleplay, and of course pet games, there is certainly a lot to do.

Firstly and obviously, you buy a dog for which you must buy food, a bed, a water bowl and a toy, and each day need to feed and play with your dog to maintain it's happiness. Keeping your dog happy also insures that it will compete in shows to it's full potential, and hopefully become a champion.

Just as in a role playing game, your dog has stats, strength, agility, speed, conformation and intelligence, which can be raised as your dog goes up in levels and gains more experience in shows. Different dogs can be trained for different sports such as hunting or frisby throwing with different sports requiring higher scores in different core stats to complete.

As well as making sure your dog is trained in a sport, you also need to keep uptodate with his/her vaccinations and genetics, and that your dog is healthy.

Competing will level your dog, and higher level dogs can breed to have hier level pups, which will continue to carry on the dog's legacy when he/she retires from training etc (dogs never die, they just retire from competative duties).

Obviously, you'll need to manage your cash for paying for entries to shows (or creating your own), as well as accesseries that improve your dogs performance like leashes and collars and upgrades to your kennel to allow you to house more dogs or build on a training area to get some on the spot stat training.

It's not just all about dogs and money though. You can teach your dogs tricks, get a job in a number of professions that give different bennifits (such as the competitor that does better in shows and the breeder who has more chance of breeding better dogs), play games in the casino, teach your dog tricks or just chat to other members.

Actually, sinse in game breeders, shop keepers, vets and shows organized by other players are a large part of the game (and usually much cheaper than any npc options), Firry paws deffinately fosters a community spirit, especially with the friendly atitude of it's players and the very extensive help system and tutorial that should answer all questions about the game.

Though your dogs can only enter a limited amount of shows per day, you can have as many dogs as you like, all of whome will need feeding, playing with and grooming occasionally, as well as training and competing in sports, so firry paws is really a game which you can play as much or as litle each day as you wish.

The game is completely free, however there are some paid bennifits. Elite accounts at 20 usd a year allow you to do a number of things, from having more shows a day, get more money and experience from jobs (and be able to do higher level jobs quicker), to havine custom titles. You can also pay for Firry paws points which can be spent on in game bennifits, such as the ability to train your dog in more than one sport, boost a dog's stats or exchange for a promotion in your job and the increase in weakly money this offers.

Access wise, firry paws is one of the most easily navigatable web games imaginable, with standard list boxes, lots of useful text, a very logical layout and even lables for the inconsequencial images such as your dog's colour. The only thing to be aware of is some of the lables on image names are not exactly the same as the images mentioned in the help or tutorial pages, though sinse they all have logical names it's usually no trouble to work out what each thing is, ---- for instance "your kennel" is the link to your homepage and "A map of firry paws" is the link to the atlas.

With a relaxed atmosphere, a style that can be as competitive as you wish it to be, very easy to navigate pages and a lot of friendly players, Firry paws has a lot to offer, and might even be a great game for people learning to use their access technology to practice their page navigation skills on.


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