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Flexible survival

title:Flexible survival
download page:link
genre:Adult Games XXX
developer:Nuku Valente
platform:Glulx, web browser, mud
features:text, visuals
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The name "flexible survival" applies to an rpg game written in Glulx format, a mud and indeed the wider universe in which the games take place. All games however are distinctly adult in content, have a sexual theme and include graphic descriptions of forced intercourse, indeed losing in combat in the games often results in the character being ravaged by the npc in lurid detail.

If you are not comfortable with raw, highly explicit sexual content, these are not the games for you, though note that despite their adult theme, the games are also extremely detailed and highly unique rpgs in their own right with considerably more on offer gameplay wise than just the x rated material, therefore any rpg fans who are not specifically bothered by extreme descriptions might do well to look the games over. .

On February 11 2008, the world ended. Nobody is sure what happened on P day exactly but one fact is certain, A plague known as promethius has swept across the globe, a stream of nanites which cause people to mutate into monstrous and weird forms, from mythological creatures, to animals and even plants or machines. For most of the altered all rational thought is gone and there remains only one drive, spreading the virus as quickly as possible, and since the virus spreads via contact with bodily fluids you can imagine what most of these semi human monsters have on their minds.

Flexible survival single player

The single player version of the game sets you as a survivor in a bunker in the middle of the city. As in most rpg games you have stats such as strength, dexterity and constitution which effect things like how hard you hit in combat, whether you dodge blows and how good you are at finding items, you can also select several feats and specialities to change your game as well as decide if you want hard mode or other options to alter your game experience (note that blind mode has nothing to do with accessibility in this case but removes the hunt option for looking for specific monsters or events but increases random encounters).

once in the game you can use standard interactive fiction style commands like get, take and inventory to interact with things, and talk, smell or even f*ck to interact with Npcs. Some menus (such as the combat menu), use numbers for commands for example 1 to attack 2 to use an item etc. It's also worth noting that there are a few instances ((namely the help menu), where you will need to select items from a list using the greaterthan symbol to show which item is selected, with n or p to choose an option, enter to select and q to quit the menu. For this a virtual cursor is recommended such as the Dolphin cursor or Jaws cursor, either that or the screen review mode in Nvda.

Before beginning the game It is also recommended to turn off hyperlinks since they make the inventory screen rather more cluttered, use option 16 to turn of screen clearing since otherwise text can get confusing, 17 to turn off display of graphics and choose option 18 from the menu to change the number of inventory columns to one.

Of course the most noticeable and immediate part of the game is the hoard of sex crazed, random mutants wandering the streets. During combat (and from other events), you will find yourself engaging in intercourse with a monster which mutates your character. This could result in anything from growing fur or sprouting tentacles, to altering the size and number of your genitals depending upon the gender of the monster attacking you and how the whims of the nanites affect you (you can set some flags early in character creation to prevent some mutations, such as always remaining male, though this wouldn't necessarily stop you growing other attributes and may even restrict the game). Your mutations might earn you new fiets or abilities which can help you level up and progress, though bare in mind too many mutations will cause you to lose your memories of humanity and end the game with you as another of the hoard, though actually reading the various endings about what you will do with your new mutant form and how the various types of transformations affect you is another major part of the game. Ultimately however the longer you can survive the allure of giving in to your more animalistic nature and the more of the city you can discover, the more npcs you can meet, the more quests you can do and the higher your score and level. Survive for long enough and you might even find yourself getting out of this nightmare intact

With hundreds of quests, many npcs to interact with (both sexually and otherwise), pets who can aide in combat, different powers to earn and even the chance to have mutant children, not to mention the many different endings this is an extremely rich and complex game, and one which is in constant development with new content from quests, to locations to npcs being added very regularly, including some additions related to accessibility, most recently the "view status" command which gives a readout of the information normally only available in the status bar to make it easier for Vi players to check.

It is likely any rpg fans who are not putoff by the rather twisted content and the highly adult theme would enjoy it, though bare in mind if you do not like the idea of being clawed into submission and forced into sex with a sea dragoness which causes you to grow scaly breasts and wings, or pleasure a hermaphrodite gryphon with your mouth which will then have you grow both male and female genitals as well as a beak and blue fur, you probably shouldn't play this game.

Another unique aspect of Flexible survival, is the ability to donate to the project and have a monster or npc of your choice added to the game. Donations keep the server running and support the project, and depending upon the amount, can specify either a monster as a random enemy, or an npc, with increasing levels of interaction with other game npcs to be added into the frey.

If you want to support the game more regularly you can also give monthly contributions Here on Flexible survival's patrion pagewhich will earn you the chance to vote on poles about the game's development as well as get special cheat codes.

You'll obviously need an if interpreter such as Filfre or Winglulx To play the game which can be downloaded from the above link. Just make sure that you change the file extention from html to blorb so that Winglulx can run the game.

the game is also playable on the above website if you prefer to play in your web browser, in which case you might want to use the hyperlinks option as it does make the game easier to handle from a browser window. Alternatively, you can use This installer which installs the game along with a preconfigured copy of the Windows git interpreter and shortcuts in your start menu, which provides a similar experience to using Winglulks.

Flexible infection aka Wave of changes

This is a shorter, and simpler rpg that serves as something of a prequel to Flexible survival itself. Taking place on a more conventional interactive fiction style map rather than the explore and random encounter system used in Flexible survival, you will find a group of people wandering the city. Everyone starts off human, but over time the infection will spread, whether from infected food and other items, or from the sexual advances of the infected. Items and other factors can be randomise to make the game unique, despite the fact that the game here does take place on a static map. Like Flexible survival it has multiple endings, although far less by way of quests and npcs and far more by way of getting yourself transformed into one of the lustful hoard.

You can Download the story file here or Go here to play on the Flexible survival website. If you download the story file remember to rename the file extention from Html to blorb to run it in Winglulx or a similar interpreter.

Flexible societies

Flexible societies is the Beta version of a a stratogy game set in the same appocalyptic Flexible survival universe. Choose one of three species of mutants, Latex foxes, Hermaphrodite blue gryphons or huskies, and try to build and sustain a tribe by constructing various sorts of buildings scavenging for resources, researching technology and of course as you would expect producing lots of mutant children. The game is still in a rather early demonstration version as of yet so your actions are limited. In particular note that the game has many of those menus where you need to select by moving a greatherthan symbol to the correct place on the list and then hitting enter, for example when you begin the game and are asked to select a race, hitting enter will change the first selection (blue gryphons), to "selected" and you'll then need to hit n a few times to get the greaterthan symbol down to "begin game" and hit enter. This method is also used for viewing what help files there are and for selecting things like assigning workers or building buildings.

To try it out you can Download a story file here or Play it here online Again, remember to change the file extention from html to blorb to run it in your interpreter.

Flexible survival mud

The multiplayer game takes place in the same universe as the single player games (though perhaps a little later in time), but with a few differences. Firstly, there are now three factions to join, Zephyr, the company responsable for the nanite plague who are bent from propheting as much as possible and will employ anyone, Rsx, the government organization bent on putting the world back together and heavily populated with humans, and the Promethians, a group who seek to come to terms with their own mutated forms and form a new society from the ashes of the old.

It’s rather unusual world and theme aside, The multiplayer game is extremely unique. For one thing, it is at the same time both a browser based game and a mud

You can connect to the mud by using your favourite mud client such as Vipmud or Mushclient at Flexiblesurvival.com port 2000. And find The flexible survival web interface here Both interfaces will let you access different parts of the game, complete different tasks and engage in different activities.

using the mud, you can walk areas in real time, roleplay, engage in quests and battle monsters. The mud features a highly unique turn based combat system which (unlike most muds does not play in real time and is closer to a card game or turn based rpg active time battle system where you select powers to use on your enemy successively. Though featuring a lot of text and somewhat complex to understand, one distinct advantage in terms of accessibility is that there is no need to react quickly whether fighting monsters alone or cooperatively with other people, though should you want something closer to traditional fire and forget mud combat (or when your just wanting to grind quickly), you can set an auto combat action which fights for you using rules you can customize on the web interface.

Speaking of other players, those who enjoy grouping or team combat will be right at home here, though solo fans are welcome too. another major focus of the mud is roleplaying and making friends.. Though some of this roleplaying may be explicitly erotic in nature given the game’s theme, a system of flags and rules is in place so that only those who are willing engage in certain rp types, it is entirely against the rules and ethos of the game for any player (in character or out of it), to attempt to make someone else feel uncomfortable or engage in activities that are not mutually agreed upon. Indeed it extremely notable that for such an adult game, the community are extremely welcoming, pleasant and yes, adult in the best possible sense. Of course, lots of standard roleplaying exists for those who don’t have an erotic inclination, and players are even rewarded direct in game benefit’s for engaging in it. there even exist judge scenes which work similar to a tabletop game episode, where one Judge judge acts like a game master and has players engage in a longer, interactive scenario complete with dice roles and game stats.


For the less socially inclined, the game has a huge amount to explore, innumerable monsters to fight and quests to complete. One especially unique aspect is the ability to "master” mutant forms, gaining all their powers, and in turn getting rewards, indeed the number of player customizations staggeringly large, from form shifting, to dedications to a god, to rpg classes such as brawler or paladin.

As well as directly controlling your character via the mud, the web interface offers the chance to not only customise some aspects of your character and use buttons and web navigation tools for handy things such as training, or choosing character perks, but engage in a few unique activities such as auto combat scavenger missions (good when you don’t have time for a full mud session), also player created web missions which work similar to gamebook encounters, and performing those social actions to rebuild the city.

The web interface also is helpful for screen reader use since you can use all your favourite navigation tools to get around, for example, rather than attempting to use complex training commands to level up your character, you can simply hit the buttons. The interface indeed is very accessible and should be no problem to those familiar with standard web controls such as buttons, list boxes and headings, though note that since the web interface also features notification popups you should be familiar with how your browser and screen reader works with those, also bare in mind certain parts of the web interface (particularly around doing web missions), might require you to refresh the page occasionally. <

for more on the mud, as well as reviews and the chance to vote you can visit the flexible survival page on the mud connector site here

Extensive information on all of the flexible survival games, from explanations of mechanics to full scale game and quest guides can be found Here on the ~Flexible survival wiki It is particularly recommended to look at the getting started and newbie guides for both the multiplayer mud and single player rpg since both are extremely clear and highly detailed and the games here are both fairly complex ones.

Happy mutating.


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