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Free rice

title:Free rice
download page:No link!
genre:Trivia games
developer:Free rice
platform:Online, web browser
release:2007, ongoing
last edit by:Dark


Saying Free Rice has a Freeware license is actually a bit of a lie, sinse it's the only game which actually gives something.

the game itself in it's oldest and most standard form is a trivia game of deffinitions played on html pages. Your presented with a word and four possible deffinitions. All you have to do is celect the deffinition you think is correct. The really important thing however, is that for every word you get right, the site will donate 10 grains of rice to the United nations world food project, click here for info which donates food to save people across the world from dying of starvation.

10 grains of rice might not sound like much, but with millions of users playing across the net it soon adds up and the site has to date donated over five million granes, (which is a heck of a lot of rice).

The game itself is also fairly dynamic. there are 60 levels of words, ranging from syple to mind bendingly obscure. Three right answers moves you up a level, one wrong moves you down, and if you create an account your maximum levels well as the amount of rice you've donated (and your group should you create one), will be listed, though equally buttons exist on the site to start at a higher level should you wish.

As well as the standard vocabulary test, additional subject categories have been added to the site, all with the same rules and rice donation. These include English grama (choose the correctly formatted sentence), Chemical symbols, (both full and basic), Human anatomy, Famous paintings, basic mathematics, multiplication tables, world capitals or notable country landmarks, a test on literature, famous quotations or the facts of world hunger, and a vocabulary drill in French, German, Spanish Italian or even Latin.

Everything is fairly standard Html net fair, however for obvious reasons the image based "identify countries on a map" or "identify world flags" versions of the Free rice game are not accessible. However with it's variety of categories, or even it's standard vocabl building with over twelve thousand words, there should be plenty of challenge for everyone!

It is also possible to play Free rice in languages other than English. French, Spanish, Italian or Korean versions of the site also exist (just use the links to change language).

This game obviously makes a major difference to the people who get the rice, but is also perfect for a brain resting break, or indeed to test yourself in various ways, so all in all it's distinctly worth trying.


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