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Freedom Millionaire

title:Freedom Millionaire
download page:link
genre:Trivia games
developer:Freedom Games
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


This is an accessible version of the popular game show, who wants to be a millionaire. Answer multiple choice questions for increasingly large amounts of cash, but bare in mind, one wrong answer could lose everything. Fortunately, three lifelines exists, 50 50, where two wrong answers are removed from the board, ask the audience, in which various people vote on which answer they think is right (though bare in mind they might not be correct), and phone a friend, where you can ask someone else for help.

Unlike with the show, you can also choose your question category as well, and additional question banks can be created for the game, which can even use your own sounds and music. ONly one was ever produced, The teenaged mutant ninja turltes pack found here, which tests your knowledge of the heroes in a half shell, complete with sounds and music from the eighties cartoon.

As with their other title, Freedom wheel of fortune, all dialogues appear in standard windows text boxes, so all screen readers should be fine.

Sadly, freedom games seems to have vanished from the internet, but fortunately as always, the audiogames archive is here to take up the slack and insure their games aren't lost.


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