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download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:EDuardo Chimenos Sanchez de Badajoz
release:December 2016
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Editor’s note from pitermach: After a couple years of absence from the App store, the developer was able to get the game back in the store. If you have previously played the game, all your save data should still be there. If you haven’t, read on below for what you’re missing! Original description by Dark follows:

Fruitpot is a big, bad and entirely addictive take on the classic fruit machine or slots game, complete with strategy, minigames, casino ambience and all the bells and whistles you could possibly want.

The basic idea in the game as you might expect is to spin the fruit machine dials and line up three symbols, which not only give a good advance on the chips you’ve bet, but also increase the total of the eponymous Fruitpot, which when full will boost your maximum jackpot amounts.

Your chances of winning jackpots though are not just down to the whims of chance, since you also have a number of strategical options available to even the odds. These include holds which can be used to stick one reel in place while you spin the others, nudges which push a real along to the next symbol leaving the others standing, or a stopwatch which can hide some symbols for a time, giving a greater chance of getting three in a row.

The chips you earn are not just for bragging rights either, since the game also has a hole range of shops where you could buy up fabulous prizes from burgers to luxury holidays. Sadly virtual though these prizes are, they do add extra symbols to the fruit machine which have different affects on your game, from the amount you can bet, to earning you extra holds and nudges while playing, you could even earn extra goodies by buying items at specific times when a “shopping challenge” is announced.

It doesn’t stop there. As you play, you’ll get access to a number of other casino type games, ranging from higher or lower, to rock paper scissors, double or nothing, or just a good spin of the lucky wheel . Some extra five reel fruit machines are available based on the emergency services which let you win big if you could make it through a full scale fire, police or ambulance operation.

A large amount of work went into the games’ accessibility, not only labelling the buttons and results in the fruit machine and all other minigames, but also adding full descriptions of the shops you can enter and the items you can buy just to improve the game’s atmosphere.

As well as voiceover output, the game has various types of ambience, as well as lots of sound effects to get you in the mood.

The game is entirely free to download and play and all of the chips in the game (like it’s prizes), are virtual. However, a number of options can be purchiced for real money to make the game easier, from increasing your jackpot amount or getting extra chances at the heroes slot machines, or buying up some chips if you need. None of these however are necessary to access any of the minigames or prizes, indeed if you run out of chips and don’t want to purchase extra you could always play roulette to see how long it’ll take before your let loose on the tables again with another hundred chips. There are also options to watch add videos to earn extra holds or nudges too.

Additional resources

The developer of Fruitpot is very active on the Applevis site.

With a combination of gambling luck and skill, as well as some exceptional work done on it’s accessibility, Fruitpot is an awesome game!


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