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Funny Bowling

title:Funny Bowling
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genre:Action Games
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Unfortunately, since at least January of 2018 Vipgameszone seems to have completely vanished from the internet. This means that not only are their games no longer available to buy, but even people who bought copies of their games cannot register them either.

Please note that funny bowling comes packaged along with Beach volleyball in Vip Gameszone's supersport pack, either if you download the three day demo or buy the game.

funny Bowling is a strange mixture betwene the sport of ten pin bowling and a strategic battle game. played betwene two players, each player has five pins which are randomly distributed among ten different alleys. the object of the game is to knock down all your opponent's pins before he/she knocks down all of yours.

You can move left and right through the ten alleys with your arrow keys, and sounds indicate if you have a pin in that alley or not. When it is your turn, you choose an alley to bowl the ball down in hopes of getting one of your apponent's pins and a sound indicates whether you hit or miss.

Of course, there is more than random chance defending each player's pins. when you here your apponent bowling a ball down one of the alleys, if you have a pin there you can lift the pin with the up arrow key, making the ball miss, ---- you get three pin lifts during each game. You can also choose to use one of your five antiballs, ---- but note that both players will here when an antiball is used, so it well might indicate where one of the players' pins are, ----- though Antiballs can also be used on empty alleys as a way of bluffing the other player into believing that there are pins down there.

the game uses recorded speech and involves many unique sound effects and ambience. As with Vip gameszone's other games, you can not only play against the computer on five difficulty levels, but also play with a human apponent over the internet.

All functions of the game are available in the demo, though only for three days.


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