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genre:Traditional games
developer:Danz Games (formerly: Daniel Zingaro )
features:text, sound
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Gotcha is not strictly speaking a traditional game, but if anyone is a fan of board games with random events, odd premises and the chance to win or lose at the drop of a dice it might be just what you’re looking for. As in your classic Monopoly or Ludo, roll the dice to move around the board, landing on various squares (rolling doubles gets an extra turn). Also as in Monopoly the object of the game is be the one with the most cash at the end. However, there the resemblance to any legitimate business ends. As you Progress around the board lots of far more shady ways of filling your pockets than buying and selling properties will occur to you. You might rob the bank, the mall or various other places, steal cards from school or payphones or even acquire hostages and sell them off later at a project. Oddly enough despite your obviously crooked streak people will trust you looking after their kids (I always knew there was something dodgy about teachers), or even employ you at a legitimate business, though with black magic, reversals of fortune and the ever present threat of the cops, maintaining a steady income might not be easy. Play with up to four players, either human or computer (the computer players are even moderately intelligent opponents), and with your choice of screen reader including Jaws, nvda or self voicing via Microsoft Sapi.

The game was originally produced for the Blazy note taker, however Jason Sw has put together this most fantastic windows port that has all of the fun of the original game, plus extra sounds and music, and can be run on any version of Windows. What’s more, the game is entirely free, so no need to resort to thievery, kidnap, or even childcare to get your hands on a copy.


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