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Grail lords

title:Grail lords
download page:No link!
developer:Grail lords team
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
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You might be forgiven for assuming that Grail lords is your standard log in each day, run around, smack monsters, get experience and level up type of fantasy online mmorpg, however scratch just a little deeper and it will soon be clear that is not the case.

To begin with, whilst the grail lords has quests, armour and weaponry, it also supports an absolutely staggering amount of skills and trades. Your character will need to eat, and whilst a loaf of bread or two might keep you fed on a daily basis, it won't really help your skills advance. Real meals must be cooked from raw ingredients such as eggs, milk, meat, vegetables and flour, and as in reality these ingredients don't come out of know where. You might therefore choose to farm the land, growing crops to cook with or sell, or maybe raise animals to slaughter or provide further raw materials. Mine ore in the mountains then smelt into metal, cut down trees and make items or become a master weaver.

Of course, you are a lord, and as such exploring the realm, engaging in quests and fighting monsters are all part of daily life, so once you've made or bought or borrowed your weapons and armour, why not head out to the woods, or planes in search of adventure, or , after those monsters often hold gold, and a little extra gold might let you recruit followers or even other grail lords to work for you. p>

Want a break from all the adventuring? why not play a few minigames, or participate in your town's olympics, hopefully earning grail tokens along the way.

The game works slightly more slowly than many mmorpgs, though none the less fun for that. Log in each day, take care of duties such as farming the land or seeing to your animals, and use extra staminer on quests, weapons training or other activities. With minigames to play, and skills from the criminal to the domestic, plus even political activities in the life of each town and trade guilds to join, Grail lords is perfect for anyone who wants to get heavily involved in a real community.

Access wise, the game has had some extremely helpful work done, including the addition of headings for navigation, and labelled buttons, and whilst some systems of the game take a little getting used to, for example you need to add food sources from your inventory together to create meals before you can eat them, there is a handy tutorial to explain all the basics, and some handy reminders your home page of important activities to try out each day.

The game is entirely free to play, though various rewards can be earned from grail tokens which can be bought at the castle in game, these include some extra refill or the chance to change your skils, as well as grail nobility status. Nobles gain various in game benefits, including customised entrances in the game's chat (located at the tavern), a chance to reroll the daily favour and thus hopefully get a better random reward, early access to new features.

With a massive amount to do, just check The help files found here, and a truly staggering realism in its use of activities and its depiction of a medieval world (I don't know any other games that include cheese making), Grail lords, whilst not a quick game is an absolute must for fans of careful exploration, deliberate writing and extensive crafting.


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