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Grizzly Gulch Western Extravaganza

title:Grizzly Gulch Western Extravaganza
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genre:Action Games
release:April 2000
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Grizzly Gulch was the first title produced by Bavisoft in 2000. The game ran from the cd and used the arrow keys to simulate a wild west environment, giving you choices of which location to go to including a bank, where you could deposit money and occasionally engage in gunfights, a saloon where you could play various bar games for cash, the martial's office where you could go on various missions to catch criminals, the hotel which would end and save your game, and the general store where you needed to buy various items to unlock the missions, there was even a target range where you could shoot at incoming bottles.

Gunfights were in stereo, with you hearing an outlaw say something like "I'm comin' to get ya" and you needing to move your gun to one of three or five (depending upon difficulty), positions in the stereo field and hit up arrow to fire, this also was used to shoot bottles or rattle snakes late in the game.

The general formula of the game was that the martial would tell you a given outlaw to catch and you'd need an item from the general store such as a horse or water canteen before going after them. You'd then play casino games in the saloon such as the shel game (listening for a coin's position in stereo), the slot machine, or black jack until you had enough cash, buy the item and go and engage in more gunfights until the crook was captive. Occasionally you'd also need to wander around town and speak to the inhabitants about a person's location or where to get a certain item.

Though a fairly simple game, Grizzly gulch did contain some exceptionally funny voice acting and a quirky over the top atmosphere that made it rather fun. It cost 35 dollars and was only available on cd directly from Bavisoft with no demo version.

Bavisoft have neither communicated with anyone nor shown any significant signs of life for several years now, and even their website has gone down. Previously to this orders of games (which were only available on cd), were often lost or mislaid in the post or took months to arrive.

the current status of bavisoft and their games is very much unknown.

For information on the ill fated history of Bavisoft, and why the games are no longer available, see This page on the audiogames archive

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