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Guess the rule

title:Guess the rule
download page:No link!
genre:Puzzle Games
release:April, 2020
features:text, visuals
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From Nano empire, to Evelyn's farm, every one of Jsenter's games has been a different and unique experience, and this is no exception. Rather than managing future worlds, commanding armies or serving a spoiled child's social media presence, Guess the rule is a simple, addictive, and ruthlessly fiendish puzzle game.

the basic goal of the game is perfectly easy to understand, and slightly resembles logic games such as twenty questions or mastermind. The player is given several sequences made up of three shapes, such as blue square, yellow circle and red triangle. Some sequences are marked with a green tick, others with a red x. The sequences marked with a tick are those which are correct according to two given logical rules, while those marked with a red x are incorrect.

All the player has to do, when presented with a new sequence, is hit the tick or the x, according to whether that new sequence fits in with the rules or not. Of course, this also means working out, both from those sequences marked with x's and from any guesses the player gets wrong, what the rules actually are. For example if blue square, yellow square and red circle got a tick, and blue circle, yellow circle and red circle got a tick, then it might be that one of the rules is that two shapes must be the same. On the other hand, if blue triangle, yellow square and red circle got a tick, then one of the rules might be that blue always has to come before yellow, or that blue always has to be on the far left, I.e., first in the sequence.

since each new sequence contains two rules, finding out what they are is a tricky matter of logic and induction, that is, reasoning from the immediate evidence to form a wider conclusion; the same reasoning employed in experimental science.

each round comprises 20 questions, or thirty depending upon how the game is set, and as the round goes on, correct guesses earn successively more points, while incorrect guesses will lose more points; making it quite possible to end up with a negative score.

Players can either play in single player mode, trying to get the best score, or indeed compete on the Ios game centre. Alternatively, try playing pass mode with a friend, where each takes turns making guesses. And if all this wasn't enough, for the real brain box, why not try playing in hard mode, which features not only two rules applied simultaneously, but also rules applying different kinds of logical operations, for example, either two circles are present or a red triangle on the right, or one of each corner if a blue square is included.

With endlessly generating new puzzles, and each puzzle only taking a few seconds to play, Guess the rule is the perfect game for a quick, brain intensive break.

The games' accessibility, despite using sequences of shapes, is extremely well put together, with each sequence being red with a single swipe, and all of the buttons and alerts working correctly with voiceover.

The game costs just 1 dollar, pound or euro to buy, so its hardly going to break anyone'#s bank, although it might break your brain!

Happy braining.


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