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download page:link
genre:First person adventure
platform:Windows, Mac
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HEARtREAD is great evidence for what happens when independent games designers think creating audiogames is a good idea. HEARtREAD tells the story of Dia, a young mage who is traversing through various worlds the gods have created collecting polygons. Unfortunately, in the latest forest world she visits there seems to be no light at all and Dia can't hear anything so must rely entirely on her companion, the mysterious Heart to use it's own unique perceptions to help her out, despite the risk of getting too wrapped up in Heart's world and perhaps losing herself forever.

The game takes the form of a short audio adventure in which you must navigate in first person view with the arrows and spacebar as Dia seaks for a way out of the world, finds her lost objects and encounters an unexpectedly helpful soil collection robot, all while fending off various unpleasant creatures with her spells and making snarky comments.

With at least a couple of secrets to find, the glympse of a mysterious world and a much larger story along with an entertaining soundscape, HEARtREAD is worth trying despite being a rather short game, and it's hoped we'll see a little more of Dia's adventures in the future.

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