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developer:Portable Pixels
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Hatchi is for those who remember the famous giga pet and wish to return to it on their iOS device. Called a retro virtual pet, hatchi allows you to take on the responsibilities of caring for a creature which will evolve over time based on your decisions on everything from feeding, hygiene, attention, and overall care quality. The more successful you are at raising your hatchi, the less care it will require in future.

Acquiring a new hatchi is as simple as flicking to and activating the start new hatchi button, after which you will be presented with the hatch pet button. Doubletapping here will allow you to attempt to hatch your pet, which may require more than one shot. Once successful, you will be told if your pet is male of female, then be given the chance to name it. Once the name is set you will most likely end up on your pet's description. All important information is on this screen, however, and flicking from left to right will yield it bit by bit.

Performing an upward flick with two fingers will take you to your hatchi's stats. From left to right they are: hunger, Hygiene, smarts, active, energy, and happy. All of these stats will change through your interacting with the pet. Increasing the number of any of these stats, including hunger and hygiene, is the key to ensuring that your pet is doing well over all. Allowing these stats to become too low and stay that way will result in your hatchi getting sick and ultimately dying. Below the hunger stat you will find the "multiple hatchis" button. If you have the desire to , or have already started more than one hatchi, you can press this button to cycle between the two. A rather sizeable area is dedicated to your pet's description just underneath.

Along the bottom of the screen you will find toggle buttons mostly to interact with your pet. These are: clean, feed, minigames, lightswitch, medicine, shop, and info. Pressing many of these once will bring up further options, such as apple, bread, burger and cake when pushing feed, read to your hatchi and play with your hatchi by choosing the minigames button, and the ability to view past hatchi's you've released into the wilderness by activating info. Pressing any of these buttons a second time will hide the items they present.

Shopping is not a requirement for your hatchi, though it can provide you with more resources. Over time you will gain coins you can use to buy your hatchis items such as food, buffs that help them gain certain abilities, changes ranging from gender reassignment to trait and personality changes, colors, and other extras. If you ever find that you don't have enough coins, you can feel free to donate to the developers, which will probably appreciate it immensely, and which will earn you a generous helping of the local currency for your personal uses. The shop menu has a done button located in the lower left hand corner of the screen you can activate when you are finished shopping.

As of this writing, only three of the minigames seem to be doable. Hatchi's version of rock-paper-scissors is perfectly playable using voice over; simply select the one you want when the game starts and for every round played their after. Tick-tack-toe will also work with voice over, allowing you to work your way through the 3 by 3 grid and place your letter in the desired tile. Whack-a-hatchi requires that you turn off voiceover and do a bit of guesswork tapping on your screen; using two fingers will allow you to whack as many as 25 hatchis in a minute on the easy setting if you're fast and lucky enough. The minigames menu has a done button located in the lower left hand corner of the screen you can activate when you are finished playing.

Hatchi can consume much of your time if you have 99 cents to throw away. discovering the many ways in which your hatchi can evolve is a game of its own, and for the social freak, showing off your achievements and showcasing your pet for the world to see are both very possible. You can have a new hatchi every 7 days, or raise multiple hatchis side by side and release them together to visit them later. Immediate attention is not really necessary, but seriously, why would you want to neglect your hatchi and prevent him from being the healthy, happy hatchi he could be?


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