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Haunted house

title:Haunted house
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:2mb Solutions
platform:windows, Lynux
release:January 2022
last edit by:Dark


Following their rather disastrous trip Down a mine, 2mb games invite you to step inside this particularly horrible house, , perfect for Halloween, or indeed for any other time of year you'd like to get your fright on.

Each room of the house contains several ghoulish games, testing your quick thinking and quick reflexes as you try to wrack up your score, often against a ticking clock. Move around the house to play the game's singly, or have all of the games presented to you one after another, or; for the truly masochistic , there is the very fiendish survival mode, where one loss means permanent game over. Games include:

  • pumpkin run: A top down game in which you dash around the house's expansive front yard, trying to rescue the trick or treaters turned into pumpkins by the House's resident witches, dodging the cackling old crones to avoid becoming pumpkininified yourself

  • bobbing for apples: A simple party game played on the House's front porch. Use the arrows to swim down the barrel side scroller style, to grab as many apples as you can while avoiding the skeletal hands reaching out of the water to drown you.

  • Skeletal bard: In the house's living room a rather thin fellow is practicing his musical skills; being a skeleton certainly helps with playing the xylophone. Try to guess precisely how many notes he plays in each tune, though one mistake and it's game over.

You Can Here a demonstration of the game on this link to get a feel for how some of the games play. Buying the initial haunted house game will cost 10 usd, and give full access to all three games, but it doesn't stop there.

Haunted house expansion pack 1

As well as the initial three games 2mb plans to expand the house with additional game packs. Each game pack is to contain several more games and sometimes features and enhancements to add to the house's fun. The first game pack costs another 10 usd and contains:

  • Darts: The living room wall is full of blood packed balloons. Set of darts in hand, you decide to see how many you can pop, though beware of the balloons containing spiders and be sure to jump out of the way quickly to maintain a high score.
  • escape the cellar: Run through a dark and crumbling cellar, jumping the graves of buried murder victims, or dodging the skeletal hands coming from the walls to try and throttle you. Playing in a similar way to mine racer, this is a true test of reflexes, especially if you try to punch out the skeletons.

  • the witch's golem: In a reverse of the original pumpkin run, trapped as the witch's own mechanical servant, tromp around the back yard, trying to catch the static trick or treaters. Only problem? You can only move to the left, don't run into the trees and be sure to steer well

Haunted house expantion pack 2

Priced 6 dollars and holding two more games, the second expantion pack will let you head over to the house's front porch to try your hand at:

  • Trick or treat: A murderously difficult side scrolling action game. Grab up the Halloween candy while running from skeletons, ducking flying witches, (even using stringy candy for a quick landing), and jumping ghastly ghosts. Fortunately, a few floating coffins hold jack-o-lanterns to fling at your enemies to get them out of your hair. Less helpfully, some of the candy is also poisoned!

  • Halloween scramble: The sign on the front porch reading happy Halloween has had it's letters scrambled. Use the control key to pick up one letter and swap it for another, to try and get the sign back in order.

As well as buying the original game and packs separately, you can also Go here to subscribe to the 2mb games patreon account. Subscribers who donate 5 dollars a month will get pack 1, and all future expantions free of charge, while subscribers at 10 usd a month will get access to all of the games for nothing, though of course both of these only count as long as you stay subscribed.

with rock solid arcade challenge, and that addictive sense that just another try will get you further, not to mention a fantastic audio landscape and some cool music, Haunted house is perfect for fans of arcade action, and with more features and expantions on the way, is likely just going to get better.


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