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Heaven and Earth War 1

title:Heaven and Earth War 1
download page:link
genre:Japanese games
features:text, sound
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This turn-based RPG is set in the same world as Tia Story, but in the past. You control a party of 2 characters, plus 1 representing yourself, on a quest to obtain a gem that is said to grant any wish to the one who possesses it.

This game has an incredibly random feel to it, with a lot of japanese humor interlaced with the storyline. Some of the storyline events have choices that give the events of the game different outcomes. Most of the game is played by making choices from a menu.

Techniques are used by using weapons that have them from your technique menu. Magic is gained either through purchasing it, or passing certain events in the storyline. There are 8 different skills to raise, 6 weapons types, martial arts and magic. All of these determine which techniques and spells you can use, and how good you'll be with them.

The growth system is quite unique. You still gain experience levels, called tactics, which gain you some HP and MP. However, the main form of advancement is through UpPoints, which you gain by defeating human opponents. These points can be spent on raising almost any of your statistics, from HP and MP, to strength, stamina and spirit, to even physical and magical defense. You use the UpPoints to purchase booster items, then use the boosters on the character you want to gain the statistics.

There's also a rather complex system of defense in this game. You have basic physical and magic defense, but you also have outright evasion chances based on what you have equipped, that let you avoid physical attacks and magic entirely sometimes. Equipment can also modify your resistances to physical and magical attacks and status affects, making you everything from more vulnerable to them to absorbing HP or MP from attacks used against you.

A pretty good game, though a little strange. Definitely worth a play if you're an RPG fan.

Translation resources

Note that this game will need to be translated or you will need some working knowledge of japanese to play. Ian read has written the Jgt Nvda addon see the instructions here to make the process a little easier.

Further Instructions on what software is required to translate and play the game and how to use it can be found Here in Bladestorm and Fabig94's guide on Japanese audiogames

Thanks to Bladestorm360 for extra information on the game.


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