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genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, sound
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infini-crawl is about as classic a game premise as it gets, albeit one which has just as much appeal now, as in the glory days of Gygax. As a bold adventurer, dare to traverse a literally infinite series of environments full of monsters, traps and treasure. Caves, castles, pyramids, underground labyrinths or even (if it is the right time of year), a festive wonderland all stretch before you, ripe for the exploring. Of course, things get harder as they go on, but like any adventurer you too will grow in experience , and there are enchanted weapons and armour to arm yourself with along the way. You can also find healing potions, and a host of various magic items from holy water to the fabled wooden nickle, used to summon the magical merchant. Of course, if things get too hard, you can always admit defeat, eat humble pie (the merchant stocks some), and bequeath your armaments to the next generation, who will likely achieve more, go further, and defeat more champions than you did, assuming they're not eaten by a gorgon of course.

Gameplay is surprisingly simple. Hit the explore button to move on to the next location, use "fight" to attack an enemy (or run to flee), and "eat" to consume food when your energy gets low. Any new items you find get put into your pack, from which you can drop and equip them, or if your pack is full, look on the ground. Also remember, to inspect an item, just hit "inspect" before clicking on its button.

Despite this, the amount to discover and plan for in the game is huge, and just growing with every update. There are elemental items which include fire bonuses that do extra damage or wind items that make it easier to dodge attacks, environments that in turn decrease your elemental bonuses, or present tougher enemies, poison and curses or enemies with special powers to contend with, places where food is scarce, and even locked chests and keys to find, indeed simply discovering all of the monsters and seeing the various environments is a goal in itself, and that before you've started getting further and further with each play through, earning more achievements and bonuses for the next run.

If all this wasn't enough, an intensive amount of work has gone into the game's accessibility,from a specific icon at the bottom of the screen which will output the game log directly to be spoken by your screen reader, to different level headings for things like your pack, viewing your game stats, or elemental traits and achievements.

The game is mostly text based, however it also contains a number of sounds when special events occur, for both information, and atmosphere, best of all the game is free, though those who wish to donate, may do so Here on Itch.io., where the game can also be played (though the above link contains a version with more stable browser cookies for saving and a less cluttered page. Also, those who wish to play the game offline can do so by right clicking on the above link and saving the page, since the entire game is contained in just one handy html file, though be careful with how your browser stores local cookies, since transferring save files between devices could be interesting.

Additionally, the game has It's own wiki found here, though it's recommended to consult this with caution, since with randomly generating dungeons, there is a massive amount to discover, and it's far more fun to find things out for yourself.

With atmospheric text, quick and simple gameplay that proves surprisingly tactical when you progress in the game, a host of achievements to earn and dungeons that literally go on forever, this game has everything an old school dungeoneer could wish, and best of all, with the frequent updates, the dungeons are just going to go on growing.

Happy crawling.


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