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Inspector Cindy, When Irish spies are smiling

title:Inspector Cindy, When Irish spies are smiling
download page:link
developer:7-128 Software
platform:Mac, Windows
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


the austrian Inspector cindy of vienna has come to the city of Newport , to try out her scientific detective methods on the American crooks of the late 19th century, ---- but there is a bigger crime than petty theft or the bickering of servants afoot to be solved this time.

The Holland 5 experimental submarine has gone missing, and only you, ---- with the able assistance of Inspector cindy, have a chance of tracking down whoever is responsible. Word on the street suggests it's finius the Fiendish fenian and those Irish nationalists, ---- but tracking them down could be a difficult proposition indeed. Are you up to the task, and can you do as Sherlock homes did in the affair of the Bruce partingdon plans and retrieve the experimental machine before it's put to nefarious use?

Interestingly enough, this particular inspector Cindy mystery is based on a real incident which took place in Newport at the time, ---- though in reality the Irish spies crashed the submarine on the beach, ---- hopefully you can make matters work around a little more favourably!

As with the rest of 7-128's mystery games, Irish spies uses a very symple menu driven interface to display and voice the text which highlights the action. All you need to do is choose what questions to ask the suspects, and what locations to go to, ---- thus making this more like a text gamebook than anything else. Of course though, videos of Inspector cindy offering her own brand of detective assistance are available with the game, ---- and indeed further bonus clue videos will be available if you own more inspector Cindy mysteries.

the game outputs directly to jaws and window eyes, and comes with an in built game voice as well,

The above link will download the windows version, but the mac version may be found here Just remember that you'll need to first have the the 7-128 gamebook installed in order to try the games.

Though originally a commercial game, and still necessary to get through the shopping cart process, since deciding to concentrate on their mobile games, 7-128 now offer all their desktop titles free of charge.

Whether those Irish spies continue to smile is up to you and your little grey cells!


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