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Inspector Cindy: Fall from grace

title:Inspector Cindy: Fall from grace
download page:link
developer:7-128 Software
platform:Windows, mac
features:text, sound, visuals
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fall from grace is a mystery style game set in the 1890's in the american city of newport, home to both rich and powerful and poor and shifty alike. Inspector Cindy, a Formidable crime solver from Vienna in the austro-Hungarian empire, has come to America to apply the latest scientific methods to solving crimes. You are a detective in the Newport police, and thus have the assistance of the Inspector in solving some particularly devious cases.

fall from grace concerns the disappearance of Miss Hellen Grace Stately from her steamer from New York. A ransom note suggests foul play, ---- but other matters such as the rather particular attention Miss Stately was getting from the Steamer's first mate suggest otherwise. Questioning various suspects from Miss Stately's mother to the steamers' captain, ---- not to mention Miss stately's wealthy suitor Freddy foxworthy is the only way to get to the bottom of this mystery.

The games' interface is based upon menus and questions, ---- but with it's focus on text has more in common with a gamebook than with standard interactive fiction as there is no typing of commands or guessing Parser. All that is necessary to play is choose correct questions from a list to ask the suspects, then use the map menu to travel around the city to continue your investigations, ---- regular tongue lashings, mmmm, I mean helpful hints, from inspector Cindy on the proper methods of detection provided along the way. Also, though the game's interface is mostly text, it does feature a large amount of sound effects and unique videos, ---- in fact the more inspector Cindy games you own, the more videos you have access to sinse they share the same archive.

On the access front, the game (like all of 7-128's games), outputs directly to jaws and window eyes, and also may be self-voicing with an in built freely provided game voice.

Though the above link will download the windows version, the Mac version may be found here just remember that you'll need the 7-128 gamebook found here in order to try the game.

Happy crime solving!

As with all of their previous desktop games, since they're now focusing on mobile development, 7-128 have decided to release fall from grace as abandonware, to give all budding detectives out there the chance to try their skills.


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