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Kapi regnum

title:Kapi regnum
download page:No link!
developer:upjers GmbH
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
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Kapi regnum is unusual as far as stratogy mmorpgs go. Though the game is played both against others and the computer, sees you become lord of a medieval city, requires you to expand your empire, grab up the best resources and ultimately compete against other players, all of this is done entirely through economics, trade and production.

In Kapi Regnum, since the world has been devastated, its your job to rebuild, this is done by building dwellings for your people, and then building places for them to work in such as farms, cattle farms, wells, camps of lumberjacks, tanneries, mills and the like. Managing your people is done in a surprising amount of detail, you'll not only need to construct each building, and hire people to work there, but assign them a task. since each building can only have one task going at once, you need to plan your time carefully. Also note all resources take a little extra to build, for example if you want to produce more goats, you'll need beats and buckets of water, whilst even chopping down trees for lumber will take water to whet the axes..

As well as producing the various goods, you'll need to sell them. This is done by constructing the right sort of market, E.G a farmer's market for agricultural products, hiring employees but also setting a price which the inhabitants of the kingdom will find fair, which might take a little trial and error. Plus of course, you can always sell what you produce to other players in the market place for a little extra cash too.

Uniquely, each good also has a quality measure which reflects how high a price you can ask for it, and the quality of goods can be improved by employing masters and researching, though again, time and care is needed since each good needs to be researched separately.

With countless goods to produce, and fame and fortune to win, anyone who loves planning and strategy should find their Kapi Regnum carreer rewarding.

The game is free, however gold serves as a premium currency and can be used to buy a few special items to show off your lordly fame and increase your reputation, though these are by no means necessary for success in the Kapi regnum world.

For planners, organisers and anyone with the patience to succeed in business, Kapi Regnum is definitely a recommended career.


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