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Kirt Wolf, Shrine of the links

title:Kirt Wolf, Shrine of the links
download page:link
genre:First person adventure
developer:Breakerbox games
release:December 2011
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Kirt Wolf represents an experience which will not be out of place to someone familiar with graphical games, but which is comparatively new as far as audio games are concerned. In the game, you step into the soft, padding shoes of Kirt, a master spie and member of the winter mamals Brigade, who, ---- along with his clumsy partner Burnie the poler bear is tasked with uncovering an ancient mystery which will take him deep into a dangerous, snow filled land.

The name "kurt Wolf" is also not idle, sinse Kurt, along with his partner are literally anthropomorphic animals similar to the famous Ninja turtles, placing them along side such well known gaming heroes as Crash bandicoot and Sonic the hedgehog. indeed, the game itself is far more like a mainstream console adventure than the usual audio game, and has fully animated, 3D graphics with high quality voice acting.

Kurt's adventure takes the form of a complete, 3D platformer, where you can walk in the ful 360 degrees, and must also jump over dangerous gaps. Kurt is equipped with a set of binoculars, that can be used to identify the objects in the direction he is facing, so that someone just using sound can find out what is around, positional, 3D sound is also present in the game as well as an extra navigation aide.

Much of the games action revolves around spying and infiltration type missions in a number of locations from a top security installation, frozen arctic tundra, or even an ancient temple. You'll be disarming dangerous lasers, sneaking past guards, jumping pits, and also collecting rubies and other treasures that can be used to build various handy gadgits throughout the game.

The game can use either the mouse or keyboard for control, and has several handy audio navigation features to help, though this is probably not a game for someone who wants everything easy, sinse exploring the various locations will take patients and stealth.

Kirt Wolf will run successfully on windows xp, vista, 7 (or 10, though might run slowly on a low end machine). The above link will download the demo of the game which will let you play through the museum, collect several rubies and other treasures, but after you successfully complete your mission the game won't progress. The ful game costs $14.99, and can be bought from the breakerbox games site.

Additional Resources.

If you'd like to know more about the game you can Try this trailer which introduces some of the characters and story.

Also, if your stuck, a Full text walkthru can be downloaded here

For anyone who's wanted to play mainstream like 3D platform games, with a slightly cartoony atmosphere but very solid gameplay, Kirt is distinctly the answer, ---- pluss with it's ful graphics, it's playable with any level of sight.


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