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download page:link
genre:Japanese games
developer:Galaxy Laboratory
release:January, 2020
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Released as a new years present for 2020, Komandoh gives you the chance to celebrate in style, spinning, slaughtering smashing robots style!

Partly Inspired by the popular bayblade franchise, in Komandoh you can buy, build and customise your very own robotic spinner and take part in this brutal sport of the future. Rules are simple, two robot spinners are shot into the arena. Fall off the side, have your spinner tip over, or be bashed to bits by your opponent, and you lose. Out last your foe, and you win.

Playing the game is equally simple. Once you've decided which class to fight in, first select where your going to aim your spinner by listening for the tone and hitting enter (obviously since you can lose by a ring out, the centre is good). Next, decide how much power you'll set your spinner running with by listening to the cycling tone and hitting enter at the highest point you can. After this, your spinner will be shot into the ring and the fight is on!

Tap left and right arrow to advance or retreat from your opponent, and listen out for the beeps which tell you the angle of your spinner, if they're getting to high, hit the down arrow, too low, hit the up arrow, since after a certain point, your spinner will tip to it's doom. As you approach the enemy, your spinner will also be turning, and you'll hear the clunks and crashes of your weapons and those of your opponent knocking against each other. Hit the tab key at any time for status, or just carry on hammering.

Once you win, you'll get a number of coins, which can be used to operate the parts lotto. This is how you customise your spinner, by selecting arm parts, shaft parts, exterior parts, and gear, all of which can have different stats and effects, from balance, to damage, to knock back, use these parts to put together an ultimately winning combo, by building your deck, and of course you can also try and collect them all.

As you win more matches, you'll also get access to higher classes of tournament, which mean more rewards, and also access to more powerful parts in the parts lotto. Can you make it all the way from white class through blue, green, Yellow, red and to the thus far, top class of black?

Another unique aspect to Komandoh, is online battling. When you submit your total numbers of accumulated coins to the online ranking, the game also saves a copy of your deck. Once you get access to the online class, you will be fighting against the decks other people create in computer controlled form, and since there are many other players out there who have access to legendary parts, this can lead to some tough battles.

With quick and addictive game play, some very anime style atmospheric sounds, and rewards to collect, this is a surprisingly fun action game, great for a quick burst, or for those who enjoy collecting everything. Also hopefully more classes and different gameplay options may be coming in the future.

Note that since the game is in Japanese, some method of translating text is necessary to play, though as the game outputs directly to screen readers such as NvdA, the Jgt addon works flawlessly. Alternatively, output to Sapi, Pc talker or indeed direct output to the clipboard is also available.

Hope people enjoy taking this one for a spin.


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