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Legend of the Green Dragon

title:Legend of the Green Dragon
download page:No link!
platform:Online, Web brouser
features:text, visuals
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Legend of the green Dragon, ---- Logd as it's affectionately known, is one of the longest running, most widely played and most diverse accessible net rpg games around. Based upon an old bbs game entitled legend of the red dragon, it's now gone into open source development and is run on countless servers, with a diverse and complex range of modules, modifications and game extras. Nevertheless, the game is very easy to pick up and play.

The basic idea is that you begin as a lowly peasant of some description, and, ---- after training in one of a variety of disciplines', decide to go and seek out the deeply nasty green dragon which is marauding around the land and slay it. Of course, you must gain experience first. This means fighting innumerable creatures in the forest, buying armour and stronger weapons and challenging various masters to tests of arms in order to level up. Fifteen levels later, and it's time to slay the Dragon, though annoyingly, since the dragon has already laid a clutch of eggs, it's likely you'll have to do all of this again; though fortunately, a little of your previous dragon slaying experience still stays with you.

The game works on a system of game days and forest fights. At certain times during the real world time (four times a day on the standard server), the clock will strike midnight and your character will gain a number of forest fights. These may be used for various things around the game, but mostly for wandering the woods in search of monsters to practice your combat skills on. In between fights you might want to hang out at the tavern and try to catch some attention from Seth the handsome bard, (a nod to the creator of the original bbs game), or Violet the comely bar maid, ---- which might even lead to wedding bells if your lucky.

Of course, it's not all just a matter of simple hack and slash. There are literally hundreds of special events and encounters which can occur during fights in the woods, innumerable different locations to explore, and a huge variety of tasks for your characters to do, in addition to slaying the dragon, from learning instruments, to buying a house, training a pet and a mount, tanning hides, trading of various sorts or working in the saw mill.

Should you die in some way, you will be transported to the realm of the dead and be required to work for the overlord of death for a while, ---- though you can also just hang about and wait for the next game day to start, and be reborn to fight again.

There is also a gigantic community element to the game. Clans, (and clan warfare), contests of various sorts, items to be bought for other players and a message board on every page, though there is a large variety of stuff to do for single players as well, and clan warfare is optional rather than necessary.

Payment wise, you can donate to receive certain extras from the person running the server, such as uba powerful weapons or a custome title, but this is by no means necessary, ---- indeed, some of the extras are often more aesthetic than needed.

Even more than most brouser games, logd is very screen reader friendly thanks to very standardized layouts on pages, almost no graphics at all and no funny buttons, in fact it's probably not even necessary to be an advanced screen reader user to play Logd, ---- highly popular though it is.

The above mentioned link is to the server running the latest addition, however there are innumerable others with mods of the game, some in languages other than English, lots of custom written modules inserted and innumerable variations. you can Check out a full list of servers here

Though it's initial concept was fairly simple, Logd has been evolved and expanded enough to be a truly complex game with many options, often humorous writing and a good few surprises and is therefore certainly worth a try.


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