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download page:link
genre:Adventure Games
developer:Danz Games (formerly: Daniel Zingaro )
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Like the great escape lost is a port of the classic dos maze game Originally by DanZ, but now brought back to confound a new generation of windows users thanks to Harrylst, also responsable for other convertions of DanZ games such as Hack, and featuring the crazy voice acting and sound design talents of the well known Oriol Gomez, famous for his Alteraeon custom client as well as many very highly regarded games.

With a host of minigames, several difficulties to choose from , very random gameplay, and a lot of crazy sounds and music, the one thing you can guarantee about your trip to the maze is that it won’t be dull.

The game can output to Jaws, window eyes, Nvda or Sapi, and is absolutely free, now if all of this interests you, I suggest you get lost!


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