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Lost vault

title:Lost vault
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Welcome to the apocalypse. Fortunately, lost vault lets you miss out on the boring things like the destruction of humanity and the environment, and concentrate on the most fun parts of the end of civilization as we know it, getting stronger, busting up mutant creatures and taking their stuff, breaking into abandoned vaults full of useful technology, building up your shelter to produce more resources, and of course either duelling with, or cooperating with your fellow survivors.

This is the situation in lost vault, a partly idle mmorpg, that straddles the lines between high battle adventuring rpg, strategic resource builder, casual daily ready to play game, and something in between.

After choosing a class such as the powerful knight, mighty mage or cunning ranger, use your twice daily water ration to explore the ruins and expand your field of operations. Though fights with creatures you find are handled automatically by the game, there is a lot you can do to influence the outcome, from raising your character's statistics, to wearing and crafting equipment, to using careful daily buffs. Fight enough creatures in one district, and the next will open for you (at least once you've defeated the boss. Though you will receive new water rations twice a day, there are also a number of ways to replenish your water outside of this, from bottles that can be found while foraging, to your shelter, where your water purification plant will produce more water each hour, allowing you to take on more monsters even outside of your daily rations.

Of course winning fights rewards you with experience and a variety of items which can be equipped, or broken down for scrap, to aid in your exploration. You can also use the cash you earn from monster battling or selling items, to upgrade your statistics, making them better able to survive.

Even compared to most daily play mmorpg games however, and even consider the rather large water ration as well as the replenishment options, battling monsters in Lost vault is really only one of a number of activities. Duel with other survivors, or join a tribe for mutual protection or to take on grater threats. Repel invasions from large marauding creatures, use resources like fuel and water to upgrade your shelter, thus producing more supplies each hour, gain rewards for quests, earn badges or play the wheel of fortune, or delv into vaults for high powered solo boss fights leading to special loot. Even if you find yourself stuck without anything to do, you can put in a few hours caravan guarding, earning yourself cash or resources in the process.

While the game's interface is complex, thanks to some adaptations on the part of the developer, everything is easily navicable. Tabs across the bottom will let you access different areas of the game, such as the survivor tab for upgrading statistics, or the shelter, or explore tabs. In each tab, sub tabs are available at the top to get to individual areas, such as the items, workshop and item shop areas in the main items tab. What is particularly useful, is when a tab has new information, such as completion of caravan duty or the chance to open a chest, a number appears next to it's name, EG "survivor 1." or if looking at the badges sub tab in the survivor tab "badges 2."). The game employs several overlays, for fights, viewing items or gainign rewards, however all of these come with a handy "close", button, just bare in mind it's sometimes necessary to close an open overly when performing other actions, like upgrading gear in the workshop.

As well as labelling all buttons, the developer has made a few additional changes, for example, the stats page of your character with the various upgrade options to raise your strength, agility etc, comes with helpful headings to make navigation easier.

the game is entirely free to play, though a few options may be found in the shop by double tapping the "character", tab. These include a general purpose upgrade which adds things like a greater chance of higher rewards, as well as the chance to purchase bottle caps, a premium currency which may be used to speed up some timers in the game, EG letting you get multiple attacks against other survivors without waiting, or invading enemies, though it's worth noting that with this game's philosophy consciously avoiding being "pay to win", bottle caps can also be earned in large numbers from completing quests as well.

As is usual for Ios titles, the game has This page on the applevis site

With a large amount of things to do, expanding as you get further through the game, a surprisingly addictive ethos, and the chance to check in and just play for a minute or two, or spend a happy half hour, Lost vault is perfect for anyone looking for a mmorpg which will appeal to casual, and hard core gamers alike.


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