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Magic blocks

title:Magic blocks
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
release:September 2009
last edit by:Dark


Magic Blocks is the latest in Quentin C's line of irritatingly fun litle puzzle/action games. This time, it's an audio take on the popular Tetris.

Playing in a 5x5 grid, blocks slowly descend from the top (row 1), and hit the bottom. Should the blocks fill one of the columns to the point where no more can descend ie, all five spaces in a column are full, ---- the game is over.

Just as in many of the tetris varients though, you can delay this by lining up three blocks of a similar colour vertically or horizontally, thus causing them to vanish and adding to your score in the process. Of course, being an audio game, the blocks "colours" are represented by short sound effects which you here as you move onto a square containing a block.

As many people have found sinse Tetris first was introduced in the 1980's this simple premise can lead to a surprisingly intricate game, since removing some blocks allows others to fall down,potentially linking up with others of a similar sort and thus creating a combo, --- -earning lots of points. What's more, Magic blocks also incorporates a multiplayer element.

As well as playing on your own, you can challenge someone else across the internet, --- which adds another twist by having secret mystery bonuses you can earn during the game, ---- plus, as with most arcade games, there's a global scoreboard which will automatically update with your latest scores.

As far as access goes, the game may either use microsoft sapi, or jaws, ---- however you may need to install This patch to have jaws work correctly. Also, note that you'll need the java run time environment installed to play this game, ---- though since running magic blocks for the first time will ask you whether you want to download it straight off, this really isn't a big deal.

Another great point is the games' keyboard interface. Quentin has added the ability to use either the arrows, letter keys or key pad to control the game, ---- which should suit all tastes, ---- so be extra certain you check the readme before playing to find the key combination you prefer.

Additionally, though still possible to download as a stand alone game, Magic blocks has since been added to the huge roster of games available through Quentin C playroom As well, adding a welcome element of arcade actionn to the various more traditional games available.

With a huge range of key options, increasing modes of difficulty which add more colours of blocks and increase the speed, there is a lot of challenge in this game.


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