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Majesty, heroes of ardania

title:Majesty, heroes of ardania
download page:No link!
developer:Paradox interactive
platform:online, eweb brouser
features:text, visuals
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Apparently based upon an older war stratogy game called majesty kingdoms, This is another rpg rather like warriors 2 or kingdom of loathing. Starting out with 250 turns (you get a new one every hour), you may spend them to explore in certain locations. Go on patrol with the guards around the city, do quests, search for monsters or train.

As you do more quests, more locations, ---- especially outside the beginning city, become available to you.

Two things in particular stand out especially about the game. The first is the truly mind bogling number of jobs you can choose, all with specific quests, items, and different abilities an spells to learn and master. The second is the matter of companions. Though battles follow warriors 2 in the fire and forget manner, your companions actually fight on your side, ----- which makes combat descriptions far more interesting, and abilities and spells that protect all your party more useful. In fact, later on in the game you end up wandering around with virtually a private army!

Another thing that sets the game apart are the many craftable items, which you can build using schematics. The components for these need to be found through adventuring, but once built they can give your character some amazing abilities and spells.

In fact sinse battles are pretty much automatic, it is the item management and preparation that makes up a bulk of the challenge in the game, thus this game will appeal especially to those who love preparing strategically, especially sinse in comparison to most games, Ardania features a large amount of combat effects, spells, blessings and useable items, and even though you cannot directly use these in battle setting when your character uses them in options and picking which opponents to use them on can make for a different form of challenge.

Pvp wise, there are challenges and arena battles in the fair grounds for those who wish, ---- and not for those who do not.

Everything is standard html fair with all labled buttons, a few lists and rather nicely compartmentalized character info.

Sinse the hourly turn over of turns insures things stay relaxed, this is a rather casual game, ---- but sinse it does stil involve exploration, stratogy and textual descriptions of your encounters with various nasties, it's certainly not without it's chalms, particularly sinse even though you cannot increase the turn wrate, you can play as many heroes in different classes at one time as you want, letting you experience the full range of the game in a variety of different ways.

additional resources.

The only real issue in terms of accessI found is that the wiki (which reads far more like an official help than the in game official help actually does), is for some reason not accessible once your logged in to the game, meaning that you'll be presented with a list box to choose your class or a bunch of stats and no way to check what they mean, and sinse some classes in this game are unique, ---- like the Solaris, a warrior who uses power of the sun, or the cultest, a priestess who commands both unarmed martial skill and the powers of the undead, not having access to the information is quite irritating.

Therefore, the link for Wiki is provided here to make it easier to keep open in a separate window or tab while playing the game so you can check up information more easily.


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