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genre:Role Playing Games
release:July 2016
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Welcome to the world of Tangeria. This is a world rather different from our own, a world plagued with feral wild monsters known as Manamon who possess special magical powers. In this world, children between the ages of 10 and 14 aspire to become Manamon tamers, roaming the world, Mananets in hand, bent on capturing wild Manamon and then taming them for use in battle. Of course, the ultimate prise for any Manamon tamer is to obtain the 7 stadium keys by battling each Stadium's leader, all tough experienced Manamon tamers, each specializing in a different type of Manamon and style of battle. Only then will a young Tamer be able to enter the master stadium to become a Manamon master.

In Manamon, step into the shoes of a young Manamon tamer, leaving home and family behind to begin their journey across the world in hopes of fame and glory. Unfortunately, all is not well in Tangeria, even aside from the high proportion of dangerous wild Manamon stalking the land. As you begin your journey, a symbolic artefact is stolen. Soon, it becomes clear that this is no random theft, and the sinister Shadow warriors have a plan which threatens the stability of the world itself, and you and your Manamon might turn out to be the only thing standing in their path. Indeed, your journey towards Manamon mastery will prove harder, darker and more fraught with peril and heartache than you ever could have imagined. Traverse steaming jungles, volcanic mountains, dark dungeons and even the seabed in your quest to stop the Shadow warriors, and keep your Mananets handy, since there are over 150 Manamon species roaming the world, and of course you want to catch them all.

As anyone familiar with the series might guess, Manamon is an audio role playing game inspired by the popular Pokemon series, though rather different in it's story and world. Building on some of the ideas present in Paladin of the sky, in Manamon you walk around with the arrow keys in the cardinal directions. You will hear wind sounds representing walls. Objects such as people to talk to, doors to enter, portals to different areas or objects to pickup represented by sounds around you, with those above or below your position sounding slightly higher or lower in pitch. Of course, occasionally, (especially in the many wilderness areas), you will be attacked by either a wild Manamon or a fellow tamer who will challenge you to a turn based battle.

Though taking place entirely via menus and arrow keys, battle is definitely one of the more complex aspects of Manamon (it's highly recommended players read the manual to get the full overview as well as some handy hotkeys for displaying information). Each Manamon possesses a number of special attacks and it's own set of stats, such as attack, defense, speed, magic attack and magic defense. How effective attacks are depends upon not only your Manamon's stats vs it's opponent's, but also the relative elements of the attack and the opposing Manamon, for example a fire type Manamon will take extra damage from water type attacks, while rock type Manamon are nearly unaffected by electricity. With 18 different element types in the game (it's recommended to keep a careful watch on the elemental weakness chart), since battles and strategies can get quite complex, Particularly since attacks can do more than just damage opponents, for instance the bell type Manamon Chingle has the ability to sing it's enemies to sleep, while some of the flame type Manamon can scorch enemies doing continual damage each round, though of course special items and other defences exist against these conditions as well.

As well as your strategy inside battle, preparing the correct team is a skill needed by each tamer, since only 6 Manamon can be taken into battle at a time, and with the ability to equip your Manamon with a wide variety of items from armour and weapons to magic staffs to change the quality of their attacks, victory in battle will take preparation as well as on the spot strategy.

Each Manamon however is more than just it's effects in battle. Firstly, each Manamon has a unique voice which is audible when it fights, giving each it's own character. Also, at any time a player can consult the Manadex and learn facts about each Manamon, it's appearance, and habitat, facts which sometimes give you a clue to it's elemental weaknesses, meaning that Manamon are far more personal than just collections of statistics.

With an awesome and atmospheric soundtrack which highlights the theme of each location, as well as compelling background sounds, a host of memorable characters to interact with on your journey, over 150 Manamon to collect and train, some of them evolving into stronger forms, a huge world to explore and several secrets to find even after you've finished the main story, Manamon is a truly gigantic game, and the fun doesn't stop there. Visiting one of the Manamon Hotels where you can also save your game, you can enter another player's Ip address and either trade your Manomon across the internet (the only way to get some Manamon evolutions), or engage in online battles, seeing who is the more experienced Tamer.

The game will run on Windows 7 or greater but not on Windows Xp, outputs to Jaws, System Access, Nvda, Window eyes or can self voice with microsoft Sapi. The free version of the game will let you play up to the second stadium, including all of the various twists and turns you need to take to get there, and your free to catch as many wild Manamon as you wish, though online mode is disabled. The full game costs 40 usd, which is roughly 30 British pounds or 35 Euroes, and will take literally hundreds of hours to complete and get everything, especially if your aiming to complete your Manadex with one of every type in the game.

Additional resources

Manaman is a truly complex game. However if your finding your getting stuck, forum member Jayde has created a very comprehensive and detailed textual walkthrough on the game, which goes through everything from opinions about all of the manamon, including views on their uses in battle, special attacks,their stats and evolutions, to how to traverse some of the complex mazelike areas and complete some of the more tricky puzzles in the game. Go here to download the guide

Though the game comes with an official listing of elemental weaknesses, some idiot called Dark has put together This reformatted elemental chart, which lists both offensive and defensive attributes for each element, and also contains some handy headings to make navigation easier.

If your having trouble finding and evolving all the Manamon, Forum member Starfire has put together a fantastic list of all 157 , plus the additional 150 from Manamon 2, with all of their evolutions and locations listed. Find it here in our articles section Which should be very helpful if you want to catch them all.

David Solomon has also contributed This guide on trading for anyone who has two save files in Manamon and wants to try trading manamon between them as opposed to using online trading.

For more information about Vg storm check The audiogames archive site

Manamon is truly the next major leap forward in audio role playing games, and an absolutely amazing experience. If you've always wanted a complex, detailed role playing game in audio with a compelling story and great characters and atmosphere, you won't be disappointed in Manamon.


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