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March massacre, attack from space

title:March massacre, attack from space
download page:link
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:Talon (previously DragonApps)
release:April 2011
last edit by:Dark


In the year 2355, nobody could have quite expected an attack by a mysterious group of aliens, calling themselves March massacre. Fortunately, Gerry Mcman, a games programmer had been working on various inventions, including a high powered laser which is just the thing for handling an invasion of dark and shadowy alien spacecraft, especially once he hooks it into the city's main power supply to charge it for a powerful boost.

March massacre was initially concieved as a short, fun attempt to write a space invaders style audio game as an April fools treat, however that short experiment rapidly grew into something rather mind boggling. the game not only involves high quality music and a large number of alien ships to fight, but a rather unique weapon, a laser which can be charged for a more powerful punch. The story of the game is also ongoing with spoken cutscenees provided by your microsoft Sapi voice, which explain rather more dtail of why the aliens have invaded and what exactly they want.

Another key fact about MArch massacre is progress far enough in the game, and you can download new content, such as minigames or additional game modes, and with the source code freely and easily available everyone is welcome to add more to the game.

Best of all, like all of the Dragonaps titles, March massacre is free to play, though there is a download link on the dragonaps site should anyone wish to show their appreciation financially.

The game is played by Gorthalen and Pitermach on their random Pg13 Podcast, as part of a general podcast about space invaders audio games, you can Find it here

To find out more about Dragonaps, you can visit The dragonaps page on the Audiogames Archive site


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