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download page:link
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:Tyem Games
platform:Windows XP
features:sound, visuals
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Mudsplat was a project of Tiam games, a multinational colaboration between French, Sweedish and British organizations in 2005 to design a game for visually impared children between 6 and 12 which would provide a similar fun experience to graphical games.

The game takes place in a city where mud throwing monsters have caused a panic by stealing five sonixes, five sound producing artifacts that together produce a song which insures happiness for it's citizens. As the hero, the player takes a water hose to various points around the city in order to fight off the monsters and recover the statues.

Gameplay is simple to understand, just move left and right to line up with the various monsters (noticeable by their awful voices), and hit space to squirt water at them and cause them to vanish. Take to long and the monsters will chuck mud back which the player must dodge or lose a life. Allt he monsters sounds appear in sterrio pan, so controls simply involve the left and right arrows as in most space invaders type of games.

In addition to monsters, the player can also find a number of bonus objects which make a bouncing noise. If the player shoots a bonus object it can have various affects. Coins and score boosts can add to the players points, while one other object instantly removes all monsters on screen. Also interestingly collecting three keys to bonus levels willet the player try a bonus game where they must shoot the good objects to add to score and avoid the bad ones which will detract from it.

Though very simple and easy in gameplay, a very nice level ambience across the games' 25 levels (music changes each level), and an array of high quality sounds including an entire spoken in game story make this an interesting and quirky title.

The game may be played in English, French or Sweedish, and the above link will lead to where to download the install files for each language, or the multilanguage installer, though as the game also features a fully graphical menue and pictures of each world (albeit there are no graphical representations of the monsters or in game objects making this an entire audio game), the game download files are somewhat larger than expected, especially the multilingual installer which installs all language versions of the game.

Though the Tyan website is still up and running, the downloads don't seem to work, so the above download is provided thanks to the audiogames archive. Note that the above link downloads the multi lingual version of the game, for the English version with no extra languages Go here

Mudsplat logo

Mudsplat screenshot - power room, showing a drawing of a computer on a table with mud

Mudsplat screenshot - machine room, showing a drawing of a monitor on a metal pole, surrounded by robot hands on lamp stands. Interesting detail is a green version of Ikea's Ikea PS dresser

A recent podcast playing through the game by forum member Gorthallen the dragon can be Heard here


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