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My little secrets

title:My little secrets
download page:link
genre:Traditional games
platform:windows, Android, Ios
release:December, 2020
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


MyLittleSecrets, based on the "privacy" board game, is a fun party game with lots of surprises and unexpected moments! In the process, one or the other secret about you or your friends may come to light. Whether together on the couch, or remotely via Discord, Zoom & co.

The game is free to play a couple times with your friends. If you like it, you can buy additional content (decks and expansion packs) that add more variety to the game.

You’ll be presented with a statement, such as “I’ve pooped in the woods before!”, or “I don’t like my in-laws!”. Secretly press Yes, or No on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Depending on whether this statement applies to you. Afterwards you estimate how many of your friends have pressed yes.

At the end, the game reveals how many players pressed yes. However, never who exactly! You will receive points for guessing the correct number of yes’s, or being just off the mark.

The best part: Only one of you needs the app to open a game. Everyone else can play along via an internet-enabled device using the browser. You do, however, have a few more features in the app. The game creator can share the direct link to your game via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or carrier pigeon.

Optionally, you can open the TV screen via a SmartTV or a tablet. There you have the board with a great overview of the score and the current statement!

The game's forum topic may be found here.

Have fun!

Features Overview

  • Accessible for visually impaired & blind people
  • Play with up to 10 friends.
  • Only one needs the app.
  • Just share the entry link with your friends.
  • Locally & remotely playable.
  • Over 600 statements (Not all are free 😉 )
  • Optional TV screen for overview


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