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Nano empire

title:Nano empire
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
platform:Ios, web browser
release:August 2015
last edit by:Dark


Nano Empire is the first game produced by new developer Jsenter aka James Senter. Partly enspired by the legendary A dark room The game is set in a future where humanity use nanobots to create fantastic and wonderful worlds. Having just been made a creator, you start with your own blank worldready for you to begin filling with your own creations. To get started, hit the "create" button.

As in A dark room, the game works via the concept of increasing resources over time, though this time the resources are energy, followers, (the poor nanobot created humans who populate your world), attack and defense. Each thing you build takes more energy, however will produce more resources as time progresses. In addition, you can enter the worlds you create to enact tasks, whether it's picking mushrooms in the mushroom forest, building sky scrapers in the Capital metropolis, or doing a spot of home improvements in your personal residence. Often these actions take followers, but give you various gains (you'll need to explore for yourself.

After a short time the "campaign" button will become activeand you'll need to defend your world from various other creators, ranging in form from space pirates to humanoid scorpians. These however will not just pacively sit by and wait for you to attack them, but also launch raids on your world, attempting to reduce your defense value to zero and plunder various resources.

Building and fighting and playing in your world are however only a part of what is on offer, and over time a far larger story will unfold, a story which goes right to the dark underbelly of this titanic society (and a story with multiple endings).

Access wise, everything has been worked out perfectly to cooperate with Voiceover, indeed just flicking between locations is usually enough (though bare in mind when your world gets very built up, you might have to touch the screen to precisely get to which location you want).

As with A Dark room your resources are always shown at the top of the screen, and a number of progress bars let you know how your doing in terms of continuing in the game. Fights are also no problem sinse all the relevant values and buttons for extra actions you can take are shown.

With compelling writing of some fantastic locations, the chance to steadily built from nothing to a mighty empire as well as engage in a progressively more complex story, Nano Empire is certainly not an experience anyone would want to miss, especially because it costs just one dollar, or 79 English Pence, or 89 Euro cents (either way it's pretty inexpensive).

A web version of the game also exists, though how accessible this is is not certain.

As usual, there is A page on Applevis For the game.

Whether your a fan of stratogy games, role playing games with a science fiction theme, or gamebooks set in glittering future worlds, Nano empire comes highly recommended.


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