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Nation States

title:Nation States
download page:link
developer:Max Barry
platform:Online, web brouser
last edit by:Sander


Nationstates is one of the oldest, simplest and most addictive brouser based games on the internet. Take control of a nation which begins as only a small land but grows every day to a mighty empire, and take charge of it's government. If your looking for a complex political and economic stratogy game which details the intensive problems and challenges of a nation's government, ---- this isn't it! nationstates is intended as a light, fun game which can be played with only one log in a day.

The core of the gameplay takes the form of issues. Each day, your government will be presented with a number of current problems facing your people. These can be anything from a proposal to set up a new space program to legalizing drugs. Each issue comes with a number of choices, some sensible, some whacky, some simply cruel, and you get to decide how your government may act.

Responding to the issues is entirely optional, and you can simply ignore the problem until it goes away

You will be told the consequences of your decision, and through examining your nations' description can tell how things are going and what affect your decisions are having. You might find yourself in a socialist paradise, a perfect democracy, a ruthless capitalist empire or even an extreme dictatorship where people are tormented for your governments amusement! However you react though, your population will stil grow and you won't experience any bad consequences however you decide to treat your people.

Each nation is placed into a region with a group of other nations who have their own message board where you can chat generally, or engage in rp or politics, in fact should you decide to play politics you can join the un. As a member of the un, some issues you get will be decided not by you alone, but by a vote of all the un nations of your region with the majority deciding upon the course of action. Joining the un or not is however strictly voluntary.

With hundreds of issues, and a great community spirit, the game is extremely casual, but lots of fun.

Access wise, everything is very much your standard html pages with usual controls such as list boxes and standard buttons to select the issues, so no screen reader should have problems, ---- indeed playing nationstates is a great way for those experimenting with screen readers to practice web navigation and have some fun at the same time.

though certainly not a game for a deep stratogist or a political theorist, nationstates is however recommended for anyone who just wants the fun of seeing what good or ill they might do were they in charge of a country, with no bad consequences should they decide to play the tyrant.


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