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Oh Sh*t

title:Oh Sh*t
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
release:August 2018
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


If your wondering exactly why an audiogame would have the title Oh shit, the quickest way to know is to play the game. The principle is simple, move left to right with the arrow keys trying to survive as long as possible and pick up the most objects. Doesn't sound too difficult does it? What if said objects are contained inside deadly rocks that are continually raining from the sky?

Well that's not too bad, after all its a nice wide playing field with lots of space. What is that? The floor is caving in, well surely there can't be too many pits and you can always jump with the space bar?

Oh, well what are those things? Cannons? and they're firing cannon balls. Well I can still jump over those, after all there are those handy power ups appearing occasionally for a quick boost of invulnerability or super speed, and we can always cover the pits with those pit covers?

Whats this? Mor pits, more cannons? Well this isn't too bad after all we're used to quick reaction games.

Oh and now what! oh yes there's a rock storm coming which causes the deadly boulders to fall in a constant wherever I walk. What is this I thought games were supposed to be fun! this is just unfair! Oh shit!

Welcome to one of the most fiendishly addictive, artfully frustrating arcade games you will find. With achievements to earn, wonderfully sarcastic commentary both in the games stat tracking and in the menu, and the chance to compare your scores both locally and online, plus an auto updater that always makes sure you have the latest version, Oh shit might set you cursing, but you'll be sure to come back for another go.

Created by our very own The Dwarfer of the audiogames.net forum, the game uses sounds from the popular Crazy party which also makes it perfect for anyone thinking of creating some mod versions using different sounds. Also, the game is absolutely free.

Happy gaming, and cursing.


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