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genre:Space invaders Games
developer:Lights Out Games
platform:Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
release:December 2020
last edit by:jack


Onslaught, formerly known as Torrent from Surreal Horizons, has crashed right into the planet...or rather our audio gameosphere. This is the first of its kind, an accessible take on the arcade classic Asteroids.
Like many other games of this type, your goal is to destroy the ships before they can destroy you. However, Asteroids is a fresh new challenge for the uninitiated, so don't expect your typical space invaders experience from this one.
In Asteroids, you not only move left or right, but can move forward as well. You are in a 320x180 field, its boundaries denoted by tones for the northern/southern boundaries, and wind for the western/eastern boundaries. So, holding left or right arrows turns you, rather than moving you left and right on a 1d grid. Asteroids may appear in the distance, or you may begin the game within a swarm, so be ready for anything! If you do not have a surround sound setup, the pitch of the asteroid determines whether or not it is ahead or behind you. When you shoot an asteroid, you are, quite literally, blowing it to bits rather than incinerating it the way you would in Space Invaders. Depending on the size of the asteroid, you may end up with two medium asteroids or four smaller ones. Those smaller asteroids will be after you, so you will need to destroy them all before you've destroyed it entirely. Any one of them can be on a collision course towards you, denoted by a red alert. Shoot it or get away!
If you get caught in a swarm, you do have a hyperspace button that will make you invincible for a second, then warp you to a random area of the field. This could be your rescue or your downfall, as you could either land at a safe distance, or right ontop of an asteroid!
As if that isn't enough, flying saucers will occasionally spawn, flying across the field and shooting bullets. You must either avoid them on principal, or shoot them before they can immobilize you.
The game features infinite levels, and ends when you lose all your lives.
The game is available on the independent game distribution platform Itch and retails for $5. Buying the game will give you access to the game on all platforms, including mobile.
With a retro soundscape and well designed mechanics, this faithful audio rendition of Asteroids is truly a first of its kind in the audio gaming scene, and is sure to give you hours of intense gameplay.


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