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Palace punch up

title:Palace punch up
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Blastbay studios
last edit by:Dark


Suppose you build a magnificent marble palace, then just as your sitting back to relax, you notice that your worst enemy, ---- who lives just next door (you really should've been more careful with your Palace's location), has done exactly the same! Well you do what any sane and sensible individual would do, determine to smash your rival's work to a pile of rubble by deluging it with a rain of large, hefty rocks! Unfortunately, once again your fiendish foe follows suit, ---- lucky you've got a big steel hammer to flick those pesky rocks away.

This is the scenario in palace punch up, a fast, free and very destructive arcade game from Blastbay studios. Move left and right with the arrow keys and hit the space bar to sling rocks ahead at your enemy's wall's. Unfortunately, your opponent will also be chucking rocks at you, so you'll need to centre them in your stereo field and use enter to swing your hammer and try and knock them away.

With surprising amounts of strategy and bluff for a fast action game, ---- after all, neither you nor your enemy can be two places at once, six rather amusingly named difficulty levels, a great soundtrack and set of sfx, and as a highlight the ability to connect to other people online for some real time stone smashing, this is a surprisingly entertaining game, ---- also a great testament to what bgt is capable of.

With BGt having been discontinued, Philip Bennifall is no longer hosting Palace punchup on his site, but it's still available thanks to the audiogames archive.


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