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Paladin of the sky

title:Paladin of the sky
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
release:July 2014
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Paladin of the sky is an attempt to create an audiogame with a similar atmosphere, plot and mechanics to popular mainstream rpgs such as Final fantasy or Grandia..

The world has recently been devastated by a monumental war between humans and dragons. Since dragons could take on human form, and in that form conceive children with humans, one legacy of the war are a number of half dragon children. These dragon halflings (as they're known), face a difficult life, being seen as outcasts by human society despite their magical powers. Hope however comes with the star walker cruiser Paladin, a gigantic spaceship journeying to planet Zopolis. Ross Mires and his mother look forward to making a new life on Zopolis, a planet hostile to human life but not to dragon halflings. The paladin however holds more secrets than Ross could've imagined, being more extensive than even it's crew know. As Ross sets out to spend his journey exploring the Paladin craft, he could never dream that on the way he will find new friends and enemies, explore dark and mysterious dungeons, game amazing power and finally confront the conflicts within himself.

Paladin of the sky takes a unique approach to exploration. Characters can move around with the arrow keys, and when close to a wall one of four tones will play to indicate it's direction. Some objects such as doors, teleport pads, stares and people will have sounds, however others such as hidden items might not, meaning that players need to explore carefully. Much of the game involves navigating maze-like dungeon areas. As is the staple of rpgs, turn based battles will occur, either when exploring or when confronting a number of bosses. In battles characters may attack with a knife, with rolling dice or by using powerful dragon strike scrolls. These scrolls must be activated by precisely timed button sequences, which will take some mastering, but can launch truly devastating combination attacks if performed correctly. As is also usually the way with rpgs, there are multiple characters to play as who you meet throughout the journey, each with their own unique set of dragon strikes and their own statistics that increase as you gain experience, as well as a level up shop where you can pay to increase a character's statistics for varying amounts of coins.

The free version of the game will let you play through the first three dungeons and couple of bosses, which range from exploring a drunken thug's secret hide out to entering the character's dreams, and should give a good idea as to what the game is like. The full version costs 30 usd, and has many more dungeons and bosses, and a very long ongoing story which it will take a good few hours (20 or 30), to complete. There is also a post game ending with a number of optional dungeons and bosses, a hard mode for extra challenge, free gifts occasionally from the game's server and a number of secrets to find.

With a very awesome soundtrack, a long game with huge amounts of exploration as well as extensive replay value, this is definitely one rpg fans won't want to miss.

In Paladin of the sky, walls are indicated by four eight bit style tones. If players prefer the four wind sounds found in Vg Storm's popular manamon which also features a lot of wandering in 2d maps between turn based battles, Vg storm have provided This zip file Which contains the Manamon wall sounds, (just as in Manamon you can use the Paladin of the sky wall sounds if you prefer).

For more information about Vg storm check The audiogames archive site


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