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Pentari, First Light

title:Pentari, First Light
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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
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Since Malinche entertainment closed their doors in 2014, stopped selling all their if titles and vanished from the net soon after, there is for all practical intents and purposes no way of playing this game, or any of their other commercial if titles.

Pentari, First light is, ---- as you would expect, the sequal to pentari And Malinche's first commercial fantasy interactive fiction game where once again you take on the role of the rather jaded and experienced guard captain met in the first game. Returning to the city of Delphin with your company of soldiers, your horrified to find it under siege by a band of mercenaries. Normally, such mercenaries would have no chance of attacking the city due to the powerful protection of Delphin's resident wizards, ---- but something seems to be wrong. in fact, it proves that rogue elements of the magical community might be behind the unrest.

Pentari, First light is an absolutely huge game with 300 locations to explore, and (despite Malinche's rather exaggerated clames), some nice writing, ---- though some puzle elements can be frustrating. Stil, the prose and atmosphere of this game are deffinately better than some other If titles, and characters and the world are picked out in realistic detail, thanks to research on the part of the game's author.


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