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Pentari, The apprentice

title:Pentari, The apprentice
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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
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Since Mallinche stopped selling their interactive fiction titles in 2014 and vanished from the internet soon afterwards, there is no way of obtaining or playing any of their commercial games.

The Apprentice is another sequal to
Malinche's first interactive fantasy Pentari, First light see index. Occurring at the same time as Pentari, Second dawn The apprentice lets you view the unfolding events in the city of Lindon from another perspective, ---- that of a promising young student of magic.

While undertaking your final exam as a Wizard, ---- the dreaded Chamber of Trials, your teacher is suddenly snatched off by an evil wizard working for the mysterious Dark Queen. With most of Lindon's sorcerers busy helping the Adventurous governer of the city fend off attack, it's up to you to master the elemental powers of magic, wander the land, ---- and hopefully rescue your tutor. Luckily, you'll not be alone, sinse a band of swashbuckling pirates might drop in to lend a hand as you match sorcery and wits with the Dark Queen and her rogue wizard minions.


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