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Pizza presser

title:Pizza presser
download page:No link!
genre:Incremental games
developer:Joe Morrell
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Unfortunately, as many people who have tried incremental games will know, the legendary cookie clicker is not accessible. However, the good news is there is still a game that will let you take over the world with circular, delicious foodstuffs.

Pizza presser begins simply enough. Click on the giant pizza graphic to make pizzas, and hit the "deliver all pizzas" button to convert those pizzas into cold hard cash (interestingly enough, no matter how many pizzas you make, they obviously stay good forever). Of course, pressing that button is hard work, so you want someone to do it for you. Begin by getting pizza workers who will work at making more pizzas. Of course, Workers aren't that efficient, and your pizza production needs to grow, so how about making some pushcarts to sell more pizzas, all you need is a cart, and of course a handy slave to push it for you, but what's this? Pizza can be sold in parlours too? Well you have to have one of those! .

The game continues this way, buy resources such as slaves and buildings then make ever more outlandish pizza producers, completing quests along the way until you have brought pizza to the entire world and can move on.

Access wise, the website is mostly very friendly. Use the headings to move between the different tabs such as resources, upgrades etc, and hit the buttons to buy various items. Whilst you will need to use a function for reading mouseover text to see the descriptions of items such as slaves, workers and pizza carts, fortunately, this is one website where those tend to be fairly stable. Also, note that the quests are denoted by a string of exclamation marks ! (also called bangs), and whilst it's easy enough to click on them and look at the respective text for what they are, you might need to alter some of your screen reader's punctuation settings to view them correctly.

The game is entirely free, however the developer does accept donations to contribute to server costs (find the paypal link on the main page).

With some wonderfully outlandish text, lots of quests to complete, a friendly interface and even a rather fun expanded game should you cover the world in Pizza, Pizza presser is a delicious and relaxing incremental game, perfect for an appetite creating break.


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