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Planet life

title:Planet life
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Web browser, Ios, Android
features:text, sound, visuals
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So, you awake and find yourself, a planet in a lonely universe what do you do? Why, make some friends, beat up some jerks and start gathering resources of course. Welcome to planet life, a surreal role playing adventure in some ways similar to A dark room , in some ways absolutely different.

As in a dark room, you must gather resources which can be used to both build more resource gathering upgrades and equip your turn based battles out in the wild. However, there the similarity ends. Where a dark room is a grim dark adventure of apocalyptic proportions, Planet life is a surreal romp through a strange and funny universe, in which materials include coco and stardust, the roleplaying elements involve buffing up Derek the mad bull to go down into dungeons to beat up increasing numbers of Jerks, and resources are gathered by burger the friendly robot. Despite this, the game still has a surprisingly engaging story, and characters you actually become fond of, weird though they are.

Access wise, the game couldn't be more perfect if it had been designed that way. Buttons, headings and links abound, just remember that all resources are shown at the top of the screen. On Ios matters are complicated slightly by need to tap in incremental sections, though this is more a matter of finger strain than access, it's also recommended people turn off google's graphic descriptions facility if using chrome since these can get in the way when reading labels.

The game is predominately text based, but to go along with the cartoony drawn graphics and bizarre characters, the game has a relaxing background soundtrack and a number of amusing sounds, indeed I've never heard a mad space bull punch his way through a room full of jerks be quite this hilarious. Of course, I've never heard a mad space bull punch his way through a room full of jerks before playing this game, but such is the craziness of life as a planet.

The game can be played on the above website, or Here on Itch.io, where you can also submit donations to help the game's development. On Ios, the game is free (and you can also donate, however, the game's second chapter in which you explore the mysterious broccoli empire, featuring a ghost stock exchange, clicking goldfish game and ultimate dungeon achievement for true followers of Derek, and the game's third chapter, which contains a unique, ccg like battle system completely different to the first two, and even more bizarre minigames and final ending; well final apart from the game plus feature, both need to be bought for 5 usd.

speaking of the Ios version, the game of course has It's own page on Applevis

For tips, tricks and information check out The planet life wiki

With a fun atmosphere, surprisingly addictive gameplay which expands and changes with each chapter, adorably strange characters and a weird world to explore,this game has it all.


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