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Pontes Escape

title:Pontes Escape
download page:link
genre:Action Games
developer:Pontes games
release:January 2013
last edit by:Dark


Pontes Escape is an original adventure style game which recalls such well known audiogames as Self destruct, or Treasurehunte

Written as the result of a Blastbay game toolkit development contest, the game is easy to understand if less easy to play. Placed in a 10 x 25 grid, the player needs to hunt down and defuse mines, and a key to the door, then escape from the area. You can move with the arrow keys, however hitting left and right arrow will change your direction of travel while hitting up arrow will run that way, for example when you begin you are facing north so the up arrow will take you north, however if you hit right arrow you'll be facing northeast and up arrow will take you that way.

Once you find a mine (tell by the beeping, you can hit spacebar to defuse it, similarly pick up the key with space. However, be aware that hitting space in other locations will cause you to lose energy and eventually lose a life, so be sure your standing in the right place. Also, note that occasionally an alarm will go off and a bomb will fall which you'll need to jump to avoid with control up arrow. This jumping also takes you five steps in a random direction, making your task of mine searching a little more tricky.

As well as the standard game, there are a couple of bonus levels in which you must run through a tunnel grabbing extra lives, then a final showdown in which you must first jump aboard a speeding train James Bond style, then at the station engage in a shootout, blocking bullets and firing back, using the arrows to block and space to fire.

The game outputs to Ms sapi, Jaws, Nvda or system access, and is entirely free to play.

For more information on the game you can Read the online manual here and for more information on Pontes games generally you can visit their entry on the audiogames archive

Good luck escaping.


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